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How To Create Karaoke Tracks For Free In Minutes
Ever wanted to turn your favorite song into a karaoke or sing-along track? Here’s a pretty quick, easy, and (not to mention) free way to go about doing it.

Wii U Used To Power A $16,000 Japanese Karaoke System
The Nintendo Wii U may not have had the best quarter, but that hasn’t stopped Japan from making this already expensive video game console into an even more expensive karaoke machine.The JoySound Festa from Xing is an on-demand karaoke system that uses the Wii U’s software, GamePad and a copy of a Wii U karaoke game called Nintendo x JoySound Wii Karaoke U. The Festa has a monitor that can […]

Noiseless USB Karaoke Microphone
If you think that you are a fantastic crooner, and that the whole world deserves to hear your singing, then you would do well to hone those skills at a nearby karaoke, in addition to signing up at talent shows. However, if no one else around you seems to appreciate your singing talent, then you might want to consider picking up this rather pricey gadget to go along with your […]

Solo karaoke booths for the forever lonely
Correct me if I am wrong here, but has karaoke gone a full circle in terms of its appeal to the masses? Back when karaoke was all the rage, you basically invited just about anyone with a vocal chord, never mind if the singing skills (or rather, the lack of it) is enough to wake up the dead and cause a full scale zombie-calypse. Right now, singing alone might be […]


Apple teaches world how to sing
Some of us are born with a golden voice, as for the rest, we are afraid so much as to croak a stanza in fear of causing the heavens to open up and pour. Well, perhaps with a little bit of coaxing and coaching, you might change your mind – as Apple’s iPod touch and iPhone could very well assist ordinary folks to sing along to their favorite tracks if […]

Hong Kong karaoke bar makes creative use of Microsoft Surface
Red Mr in Hong Kong is the first karaoke establishment in the world that allows their customers to have a field day with the Microsoft Surface, putting to shame those folks who are so proud of their iPads that they think it is the next best thing since sliced bread. In fact, the karaoke company has purchased at least 60 units of Microsoft Surface for their newest branches, hoping to […]

Sing Maxx 570 Portable Karaoke Device
Can’t get enough of karaoke, and need to bring it around with you wherever you go? If that’s the case, you might want to check out the Sing Maxx 570 from XCUBE Technology. This device sports a 7-inch display, digital TV support, PMP features and some games. It’s fairly portable, and comes with its own microphone, allowing you to sing your heart out at the park. If you’re at home, […]

Scoring Karaoke Game
Critique is something that most people don’t like, but if you’re serious about getting your Karaoke skills as high as possible, you might be willing to shell out the $199.95 for the Scoring Karaoke Game. The device sports 100 songs programmed within, and can plug directly into your TV with the included AV cable. The wireless microphone work together with the control box and detect the pitch of each note […]

Karaoke mute microphone
Love going for karaoke sessions? The Karaoke mute microphone works directly opposite to what a standard microphone does, as it offers a cone-of-silence around the microphone itself so that all you hear on your headphones is your voice, while neighbors won’t know any better that you’ve just busted your lungs out for the last 2 hours, belting out hit after hit on the karaoke machine. This USB-connected device is 100% […]

Karaoke Box For ChildShare
Kids want to have fun, too, and the Karaoke Box concept you see here comes with an integrated digital video camera to capture the expressions on your little one’s face as he/she belts out the latest Disney hits in the comfort of your living room. Something so small is self-sufficient, featuring storage space for a microphone, cable and CDG while housing a 4″ speaker to pump out an itsy bitsy […]