Whether or not we are good at singing, we all love to sing. This is why karaokes exist because people just love singing, even if they aren’t necessarily good at it. However, for the most part, karaoke tracks tend to feature more popular mainstream songs, or in some cases, some of them might not even be updated to have the latest tracks.

So, what if you wanted to sing along to your favorite song which does not have a karaoke track? Instead of waiting around and hoping that a karaoke version will be released, how about you go and make one yourself? If you are intimidated by the idea of doing so, don’t be because the process is actually relatively simple.

In this instance, we’ll be using an app called Audacity which is not only free to use, but it works nicely across multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, and even Linux, so the process should be relatively similar across the board.


How To Download Audacity (Free)

  1. Download Audacity from its website
  2. Follow the instructions on installing the program
  3. Launch it

How To Create Karaoke Tracks Using Audacity

To create a karaoke track, basically what you want to do is remove the vocals from the track. It might seem like a complicated process, but trust us, it is quite simple and straightforward, and with a few tweaks here and there, you should get a pretty serviceable karaoke track.

  1. Launch Audacity
  2. Go to File > Open
  3. Select the music file you want to remove the vocals from and import it into Audacity
  4. Click the small arrow and select Split Stereo Track. You will now have two tracks, which for the moment, are identical
  5. Select the track at the bottom
  6. Go to the menu, select Effect > Invert
  7. Go to File > Export and select the format that you wish to export the file as

Note that this is a very quick and almost “dirty” way of removing vocals from a track. It is probably not the cleanest nor the most professional way of creating a karaoke track. However, for the most part, it gets the job done. Depending on the vocal levels of the song you’re trying to edit, some bits still may come through, but in other cases, it might be nearly perfect.

However, for a method that only takes you about a minute to do, and for a completely free piece of software, it is pretty good. There are plenty of other software that can probably get the job done better, but those are paid apps and if you don’t plan to do this often, then maybe this might be a (much) cheaper solution.

If you’re using Android and like singing and music, we recommend look at the best Karaoke apps on that platform and teach yourself how to read music. Also, if you hear a song you like, here’s how to find the song title in seconds.

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