hackWhen it comes to malware on your computer, ransomware is probably one of the meanest around. For those unfamiliar with it, basically ransomware locks your hard drive or your entire computer up. It is encrypted with a key that only the hacker knows, and to get your stuff back, you’ll have to pay a ransom.

We’ve seen how ransomware has the potential to shut businesses down or force them to fork out exorbitant sums of money, but the good news for businesses is that Kaspersky’s got your back. The company has recently launched a new free anti-ransomware tool aimed at small to medium-sized companies.

According to Konstantin Voronkov, head of endpoint product management, Kaspersky Lab, “Small and medium-sized companies do not usually have the profound security expertise required to evaluate or compare dozens of security tools on the market. Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business is compatible with third-party security solutions and is a complementary measure against ransomware.”

Kaspersky managed to do this thanks to two pieces of technology: the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network that processes data from participants around the world, as well as System Watcher, which is a technology that records and analyzes networks to provide evidence of malicious activity. For companies interested in checking out this tool, head on over to Kaspersky’s website for the free download.

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