[CEATEC 2012] They say that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and when it comes to data security in the digital world, you can more or less classify using traditional passwords as archaic. Biometric security has been around for some time already, but even so that is not 100% foolproof. Well, KDDI might be on to something here with their palm authentication app which runs on smartphones, which is an alternative to facial recognition software and most probably more secure than a fingerprint reader. What makes it even better is this – since it comes with a flash built in, you need not worry about using it in the dark, which is a different case for the face unlock.

Right now, it remains a prototype, so there are no guarantees that this will ever hit the mass market. Still, one can always keep one’s fingers crossed and believe, right? Check out one more shot of the KDDI palm authentication app after the break.

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