Apple Mac OS X Lion keyboard spotted

After four years of using the same layout for its keyboards, it looks like Apple is ready to update them with the release of Mac OS X Lion. iSpazio Mac, an Italian Mac website recently got its hands on what appears to be a new Apple keyboard. While the keyboard is almost the same as the previous generation keyboards, this new one features buttons dedicated to Mac OS X Lion. […]

WINGStand: a versatile stand for your iOS device

Interested in turning your Apple wireless keyboard into a keyboard for your iOS device, but you’re tired of having to keep it propped up against a stack of books just to stop it from falling? Daniel Haarburger, a student from Stanford University has come up with a unique solution to the problem. Called the WINGStand, this unique accessory for your wireless Apple keyboard turns it into the perfect stand for your […]

Razer brings plethora of gaming peripherals to the Mac

When it comes to gaming on the computer, the PC beats the Mac hands down in terms of choices, so it is no surprise to see that gaming peripherals for the PC far outnumber those for the Mac platform, but that does not mean companies like Razer have left Mac gamers high and dry. No sir, they have instead recently announce standard Mac key layout in their highly-popular Razer BlackWidow, […]

SW-Box kiBoard gives your iPhone a QWERTY keyboard

If you’re a fan of physical keyboards, no touchscreen keyboard is ever going to replace or even come close to giving you the same experience. Fortunately there are a plethora of keyboards available for the iPhone to turn it into a QWERTY-keyboard toting device. SW-Box has just announced a new Bluetooth for the iPhone 4 called the kiBoard (pronounced keyboard). What sets this keyboard apart from other similar cases is […]


Brando’s Keymouse II Combines Keyboard And Mouse Into One Wireless DeviceW

Do you own a wireless keyboard? Maybe. Do you own a wireless mouse? Possibly. Do you own a wireless keyboard that’s also built into a wireless mouse? We think not. Introducing Brando’s wireless Keymouse II which based on its looks could pass off as a very complicated looking remote control, but in reality it’s actually a wireless mouse that can be doubled up as a wireless keyboard and vice versa.

Happy Hacking Keyboards now come in S-Type variant

Have you ever heard about a hacking keyboard before? No? I do wonder at times whether all the hacking that has gone on did see the use of the Happy Hacking Keyboard range from Japan, where this unique computer peripheral will now come in the form of the S-Type, with the “S” prefix standing for both Speed and Silent. Yup, you read that right – the Happy Hacking Keyboard has […]

Mystery LG dual-screen phone spotted

The folks over at Pocket-lint managed to get their hands on mystery LG device at the Orange and Kineto Wireless event in London this week, and judging by the photographs, it looks like a very interesting phone. In the history of Android devices so far, there haven’t been many ground breaking designs, especially in recent months (bar the Kyocera Echo of course), they all look like black rectangular slabs with […]

Microsoft Comfort Curve 3000 keyboard makes typing easier

Spending long hours in front of the computer can be tiring for both your mind and your body, and so researchers and designers have worked long and hard to create ergonomically pleasing accessories especially when it comes to mice and keyboards. Microsoft has been pretty active in this market especially with its keyboards (considering that it makes one of the most popular word processing apps around it’s no surprise) and […]

Razer Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Keyboard

Razer is a name synonymous with gaming peripherals, where they have come up with special editions of mice and keyboards in the past – the most recent one in memory would be in conjunction with Star Craft II, but this time around Razer has worked with Lucasarts to release the Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Keyboard that will feature a full-color highly sensitive multi-touch LCD panel, while incorporating ten […]

Crux Loaded shields your iPad, gives it a trackpad and some extra juice

CruxCase, makers of specially designed cases for the iPad, has announced the launch of a new case for the iPad called the Crux Loaded. Picking up cues from its original Crux lineup, the Crux Loaded also turns the iPad into some sort of laptop-like device, but with some extra features. While cases with keyboards are not uncommon, the Crux Loaded also gives you an extra battery and a trackpad to […]

Sixaxis Emulator lets you play all your PS3 games with your keyboard and mouse

If you’re one of those people who never really got the hang of using the gamepad to play first person games on the PlayStation 3, and long for the familiarity of a keyboard and mouse combo to play your favorite PS3 first person shooters – you’re not alone. A developer named Matlo from France has been working on an emulator for the PC that lets you identify your computer as […]

The Trooper from ClamCase turns your iPad 2 into a laptop

Star Wars day was yesterday, and ClamCase decided to announce a new Star Wars inspired iPad case called The Trooper. Decked out in the same colors as a Storm Trooper (black and white), this iPad case makes your iPad look like it would fit right at the office desk of an Imperial soldier. The white case comes with a black keyboard and a slot for you to place your iPad […]

Scosche freeKEY Flexible Wireless Keyboard is the perfect party keyboard

Scosche Industries, manufacturer of third party accessories for the computer and mobile devices has just come up with a new keyboard, perfect for those who like to work on the go (and party at the same time). The Flexible Wireless Keyboard is the perfect travel companion for your tablet or smartphone device. Using Bluetooth to connect to your devices, this keyboard is hassle-free to set up and is extremely durable.

CompuExpert WOW-Keys turns your iPhone into a computer

If you’ve ever looked at the Motorola Atrix with envy in your eyes because you have an iPhone and not the Android phone that can transform into a notebook, CompuExpert is here to make your life better. The computer accessory manufacturer has come up with the WOW-Keys: a full-sized QWERTY keyboard for the iPhone.