Microsoft aims to patent dynamic keyboard

Microsoft has plans to apply for a patent on a new kind of physical keyboard which will be able to display various key icons, depending on how you will use it. Sounds familiar? Well, surely the Optimus keyboard will come into mind here, as that super expensive keyboard that took a whole lot of time to be released didn’t really burn up new trails in the market. Well, Microsoft might fare better though as we do not really know what kind of plans they have up their sleeves, and has applied for a patent on a new form of dynamic keyboard which is capable of displaying different key icons. Take for instance when you’re knee deep in a game – the center row of buttons could be used for firing, moving and jumping (with corresponding icons) instead of letters, and whenever you switch over to Outlook to send a mail, letters will reappear in its place instead. Sounds like a novel idea, but we don’t think the hardcore group would really care as a button’s a button, and you don’t end up being that good without knowing which keys does what.

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