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Apple Buying Hollywood Studio Next Year, Claims Kim Dotcom
Mega founder and infamous internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom claims to have inside information about an acquisition that Apple is planning to make in 2017. He claims that Apple is going to acquire a Hollywood studio next year. The claim was made on Twitter and Kim Dotcom has not provided any information about where he received this “#InsiderIntel” from. Keeping with its usual policy of not commenting on rumors, Apple has […]

Kim Dotcom Will Appeal US Extradition Ruling
Who hasn’t heard of Kim Dotcom before? The man who has made his millions in the Information Technology era has always been making waves in news headlines, having claimed to save Christmas last year, at the same time rolling out a new storage service known as “Mega” after Megaupload was no more, or even teasing a Baboom music service. Well, the latest bit on Kim Dotcom is this – he […]

Even Kim Dotcom Doesn’t Think Your Data Is Safe On Mega
A few years ago after Megaupload was taken down by the authorities, the man behind it all Kim Dotcom launched Mega, another file hosting service that promised more a secure means of storing and sharing files. However in 2013, Dotcom announced he would be leaving Mega but assured that the service was still in excellent hands.Fast forward to today, it’s an entirely different story, so much so that Dotcom has […]

Kim Dotcom Claims To Have Saved Christmas
Both Sony and Microsoft have their very own battles to worry about, especially when it comes to resuming their respective online gaming services over Christmas Eve and Christmas. The Grinch might have spoiled Christmas for gamers this year, but Kim Dotcom does look as though he has positioned himself to be a savior of sorts, touting to have stopped the outage single-handedly. The question that begs to be answered would […]


Kim Dotcom Launches Political Party
For a personality the size of Kim Dotcom, you know for sure that he will not be too far away from controversy or attention at all times. After all, he happens to be the famous Megaupload founder and has earned his millions as a web tycoon. Having said that, Kim Dotcom will be launching the registration for his New Zealand political party, where tickets for his 40th birthday that so […]

Baboom Is Kim Dotcom's New Music Streaming Service
Kim Dotcom is nothing short of an internet celebrity. Widely known as the man behind Megaupload, and the ostentatious lifestyle it afforded him, Dotcom was in totally different circumstances when an armed raid was conducted on his mansion near Auckland, New Zealand, almost two years ago. Since then, he has bounced back in spectacular fashion, launching a new cloud storage service called Mega, and has even talked about his plans […]

Kim Dotcom's MEGA Exits Out Of Beta With Improved UI, New Features
Earlier this year, Kim Dotcom launched MEGA into beta as the file-hosting service offers some nice perks such as giving users 50GB of storage for free among other things. It’s been ten months since the debut of MEGA, and today, the service has been taken out of beta. With its exit from beta, MEGA is rolling out a number of tweaks and improvements over the previously beta version of the […]

Kim Dotcom Teases "Baboom" Music Service
We knew that Kim Dotcom, the man behind the MEGA service, was working on a music service and today Dotcom has unveiled the name of his upcoming product which he is calling “Baboom”. While the full specifics of this new service has yet to be unveiled, along with pricing plans, Dotcom did provide a bit of insight into the upcoming service, claiming that it will give artists unprecedented control over […]