kimdotcom-partyBoth Sony and Microsoft have their very own battles to worry about, especially when it comes to resuming their respective online gaming services over Christmas Eve and Christmas. The Grinch might have spoiled Christmas for gamers this year, but Kim Dotcom does look as though he has positioned himself to be a savior of sorts, touting to have stopped the outage single-handedly. The question that begs to be answered would be this – how can a single person actually stop the tidal wave of outage for millions of gamers everywhere?

Perhaps his background as the founder of defunct file hosting service, Megaupload, has something to do with it. As he awaits trial for conspiracy which involves racketeering and criminal copyright infringement, he has since introduced a brand new service known as Mega, being a cloud storage service which relies on encryption that prevents intrusions from third parties.

Using Mega as leverage, Kim Dotcom has offered Lizard Squad an ultimatum, where they would be on the receiving end of Pro1 annual Mega vouchers that carries 500GB of storage space, albeit they had to ensure that both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network would remain alone. Hence, at this point in time, both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network have begun to return to normal, and Lizard Squad themselves have acknowledged that Kim Dotcom is the one behind the stop of the attack.

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