Kim Dotcom is nothing short of an internet celebrity. Widely known as the man behind Megaupload, and the ostentatious lifestyle it afforded him, Dotcom was in totally different circumstances when an armed raid was conducted on his mansion near Auckland, New Zealand, almost two years ago. Since then, he has bounced back in spectacular fashion, launching a new cloud storage service called Mega, and has even talked about his plans to build an NSA-proof email service. Dotcom has launched another venture on the anniversary of that unfortunate raid, this time its a music streaming service called Baboom.

The new service is currently under a soft launch, it doesn’t have a lot of content to offer, in fact the only music available on it right now is by Dotcom. That’s right, he sings as well, his new album called Good Times is available for streaming through Baboom. Those who want to purchase the album are free to pay whatever they want for it, or pay nothing at all. On other music sites however, like Amazon and iTunes, the album costs $10. Dotcom has been able to bring in a modest amount of listeners on the new music streaming service, he tweeted that the first hour saw 78.321 song plays, given the fact that there’s only a limited amount of content available. We will have to wait for a full launch to see what direction Baboom ends up taking, but Dotcom says that this new service will be about “empowering artists.”

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