Mega founder and infamous internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom claims to have inside information about an acquisition that Apple is planning to make in 2017. He claims that Apple is going to acquire a Hollywood studio next year. The claim was made on Twitter and Kim Dotcom has not provided any information about where he received this “#InsiderIntel” from. Keeping with its usual policy of not commenting on rumors, Apple has not sent out an official comment on the matter.

It merits mentioning here that Apple has long been rumored to be harboring intentions to enter the movie and TV industry. The company is believed to be working on its own standalone internet TV streaming service as well.

That’s not all. Apple is also producing its own show called Planet of the Apps. It also had a small presence at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. It’s not hard to see why one might come to believe that Apple might make a major move into this space by acquiring a Hollywood studio.

Kim Dotcom’s tweet only mentions that Apple might acquire a Hollywood studio in 2017. There are no further details available about this possibility and it’s unclear what studio Apple might be looking at if it’s going to do this at all.

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