Make your room look like the night sky with moon and star shaped light bulbs

If you’re bored of regular-shaped light bulbs adorning the walls or ceiling of your room, this designer clip-on lamp from Veilleuse d’Orient might be right up your alley. Instead of a the usual, boring light bulb shape you’ve come to know from light bulbs you’ve seen before, the clip-on lamp features a light with a custom-designed filament of a crescent-shaped moon with a star attached. Probably not very practical if […]

Kelty LumaTwist and LumaPivot camping lamps

Kelty’s latest additions to avid campers come in the form of the LumaTwist and LumaPivot camping lamps, where both of them are highly versatile to make sure your next trip to the great outdoors will not come up short – at least not in the lamp department. Forget about the traditional camping lamp designs – the Kelty LumaTwist and LumaPivot that you see above are fully adjustable, letting them bend […]

FlapFlap floating floor lamp scares visitors

If you’re a fan of lamps that look like they’re falling off the table to give your room visitors a scare, you’re going to love the FlapFlap floor lamp. This specially designed lamp from Büro für Form in Germany is one heck of an eye-catcher. This FlapFlap appears to defy gravity at all times due to its reinforced “cable” which is actually a stand that rises up from the ground. […]

Roly-Poly 2 Lamp concept rocks your living room

If you’re one who loves multi-functionality in your devices, chances are you’re carrying a smartphone in your pocket right now, while fiddling with the idea of purchasing a Swiss Army Knife as well. Well, there is the Roly-Poly 2 Lamp concept that might just find a place in your living room if it were to be manufactured, where this model will sway with equal spring similar to its predecessor, although […]


Sonelis Greendix Lumileaf solar LED desk lamp

What better way to use solar power than to power lights that work at night? The folks over at Sonelis Technologies, a custom solar panel supplier has just introduced Greendix’s nature inspired Lumileaf solar LED desk lamp. Featuring an elegant looking leaf-design solar panel, with 6 LEDs that provide ample light for any situation, the Lumileaf lamp is on gorgeous looking device. It features a built-in 1800mA NiMH battery, has […]

A lamp that doesn’t run on electricity

In case you didn’t already know, going green is the way to go and it never gets old. So whenever we hear about a new device or technology that actually helps with the environment, we’ll be glad to cover it. However, even if a device does help make the world a better place, it should be somewhat useful, and unfortunately, the Pure Sun is not one of them. Designed by […]

Yantouch Jelly lamps help to set the mood of your room

[CES 2011] Remember the Yantouch JellyFish lamp reported back in 2009? Well at CES this year, the Taiwanese company has turned up at the event with even more awesome Jelly lamps on display. The JellyFish Black is a table lamp with a small touch panel that allows you to control its colors, brightness, and speed. The lamp displays up to 16 million colors so you know you’ll always be able […]

Huey, The Color-changing Chameleon Lamp

Some of you have probably seen some cool color-changing LED lamps before, lamps that could automatically detect the color on which they were placed upon and change to match. Now the smart folks over at ThinkGeek are offering a similar device, but it’s available in the form of a chameleon, making it much cooler and something that you can be sure the kids (and some of us older folks) will […]

Sompex Beanbag Lights look unique

Want something different in your home? You won’t go wrong with the Sompex Beanbag Lights, where this £43.95 purchase will come in a quartet of different colors to choose from, where it will definitely work great as a bedside light. The lamp itself comes in a beanbag style at the lower segment, where it is made out of DuPont fabric and filled with fire dried quartz sand. As mentioned earlier, […]

Gira lamp aims to help conserve energy

Since everyone is going green these days, it makes perfect sense if more and more home appliances are lined up in a similar manner. Designer David Estupinan wants to promote responsible consumption habits by delivering the energy efficient lamp known as “Gira”, where it will require constant physical interaction to have users get out of their comfort zone to conserve energy. Resembling an hourglass, this sustainable lamp will come with […]

Konica Minolta to mass produce flexible OLED lights

Konica Minolta aims to achieve yet another first in the world with the mass production of flexible OLED lights sometime later this year. This comes about after receiving the manufacturing technology from GE which relies on polymer light emitting materials and printing technologies to make it possible. They ain’t half bad in terms of lifespan as well, with the flexible OLED sheets hitting around 3,000 hours of offering a brightness […]

Daylight acts as renewable energy for public lamp

Lamps in public places are something that local municipal councils should look after, and the utility bills could add up to a pretty amount each month. For those who are rather forward-looking and hope to make the world a greener place while they’re at it, here’s the unique lamp that is powered by sunlight, letting this giant solar-charged LED light juice up during the day, where it will then be […]

iPad used for lighting instead

Mood Lighting using iPad from Dofl Yun on Vimeo. Check out this cool video about some dude who decided to settle for an iPad for lighting purposes since he could not afford the Philips LivingColors lamp. Apparently, the lighting in real life is a whole lot better than what you see in the video above. While this is an interesting and creative use of the Apple iPad, we don’t think […]

Lambretta table lamps bring back retro styling to your home

Love all things retro, especially those mopeds and scooters that were all the rage back in the day when bell bottoms ruled? Well, for folks who want to live out their nostalgia, why not spruce up your living room with a new set of specially handmade Lambretta table lamps by Lamponi? It functions like a standard table lamp, although comes in a totally different form factor, sporting old parts from […]