Gira lamp aims to help conserve energy

Since everyone is going green these days, it makes perfect sense if more and more home appliances are lined up in a similar manner. Designer David Estupinan wants to promote responsible consumption habits by delivering the energy efficient lamp known as “Gira”, where it will require constant physical interaction to have users get out of their comfort zone to conserve energy. Resembling an hourglass, this sustainable lamp will come with a 9V Lithium-ion battery located right smack in the middle which can be juiced up simply by placing the lamp on the induction charging dock. LED lights will provide all the necessary action, delivering up to 300,000 hours of light on but a solitary battery charge. It will dim itself down after a couple of hours, where you will need to turn it upside down in order to reactivate it for another couple of hours. We certainly hope to see this eco-friendly device make the jump from concept to reality.

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