Lawsuits seem to be flying just about everywhere these days, and here we are with a court of law throwing out Apple’s suit against Motorola. The judge presiding over the case rejected both sides’ damages arguments, as the first patent trial between Apple and Motorola Mobility division (now under Google’s wings) which was penciled in for a June 11 showdown in Chicago will no longer happen.

According to Motorola Mobility spokeswoman Jennifer Weyrauch-Erickson, she claimed victory on behalf of her side, saying, “We are pleased by the Illinois trial court’s tentative ruling today dismissing Apple’s patent claims and look forward to receiving the full decision.” Apple’s lawyer, obviously, had nothing to say, and hence turned down any requests to respond.

It will be interesting times ahead to see just what Apple and Motorola will do about the situation – will they let sleeping dogs lie, or will the case be elevated to different courts elsewhere? You will need a subscription to read the source link.

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