In the hotly contested Apple vs Samsung case, Judge Lucy Koh has finally handed down a number of the first rulings in the case’s post-trial proceedings. While Apple was granted its motion to invalidate several claims of a Samsung patent, Koh also denied Apple five others. One of the key denials was a request for a new trial that will have willful infringement on Apple’s patents by Samsung. This is a significant victory for Samsung, as having overturning the jury’s finding that Samsung acted willfully in infringing on Apple’s patents, it would mean Apple is unable to claim not double, but rather a mind blowing triple damages that were associated with the suit.

The ruling stated, “Here, the jury found that there was no subjective willfulness, and the Court agrees that this finding was supported by substantial evidence in the record. Therefore, even if the Court were to find the objective prong satisfied, there can be no ultimate willfulness determination. Accordingly, the Court need not reach the objective analysis.”

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