Toshiba’s flagship Regza 4K 2D display will boast four times the resolution of Full HD, where it will also support glasses-free 3D. Basically, when this particular model arrives in the market in the middle of December onwards (in Japan first, no less), it might just be the start of the 4K TV revolution. Of course, it will take a whole lot longer than expected, considering how everyone has just moved on to the Full HD bandwagon recently, and prices of Full HD TVs have become affordable.

Basically this 55″ TV is impressively large for what it can do, especially when you compare it to the previous 20″ glasses-free 3D model. Basically, the reason why it is so large is because it will allow several people to watch a 3D image side-by-side without having to jostle for the optimal position – and without the need for glasses, too!

Not only that, the Toshiba 55X3 sports a built-in face detection camera that will be able to determine a suitable viewing range from the positions of people’s faces, making the relevant positions in the process. It will basically retail for around $11,700 after conversion.

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