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Adobe Lightroom Mobile Now Free For All Android Users
Adobe today released Lightroom Mobile for Android 1.4 and this release makes Lightroom Mobile free for any and all Android users, even those that do not have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. This move follows Lightroom 2.0 for iOS which was also made available for free to all iOS devices in October this year, so it’s about time that Android users got similar treatment from Adobe.Adobe says that the […]

Adobe Lightroom For iOS Is Now A Free Standalone App
If you’re looking for tools to edit your photos, like adjust the tone, contrast, shadows, and highlights, Adobe Lightroom is a great place to start. However if you wanted the power of Lightroom but on your phone, you’re in luck because Adobe has announced that Lightroom will now be a standalone app for mobile, and best of all, it will be free.Prior to this, Lightroom for mobile was a companion […]

Adobe Lightroom 6 Is Finally Here
 There is good news today for people who have been waiting for the new version of Lightroom. Adobe today released Lightroom 6, it’s available to users as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription where the new version is called Lightroom CC. The new version doesn’t really make any revolutionary changes to the software but there are some worthwhile improvements that have been made by Adobe.

Adobe Lightroom Arrives For Android Smartphones, Tablets Later
Back in early 2014, Adobe announced that they would be bringing the mobile version of Lightroom onto the iPad. This is great news for photographers on the go who want to be able to edit their photos and when bringing a laptop might not be very convenient. Well the good news for Android users who were feeling left out is that Adobe has finally brought Lightroom onto Android devices.However oddly […]


Adobe Publishes Guide On Transitioning From Aperture To Lightroom
If you’re a photographer, chances are you might have heard that Apple will be ceasing the development of their Aperture software for OS X. It’s an odd choice since it will be one less professional sector that Apple will be active in. Instead, Apple has chosen to use the upcoming Photos app which they believe will appeal to both professionals and regular folks who want simple photo editing features.That being […]