lightroom-5If you’re a photographer, chances are you might have heard that Apple will be ceasing the development of their Aperture software for OS X. It’s an odd choice since it will be one less professional sector that Apple will be active in. Instead, Apple has chosen to use the upcoming Photos app which they believe will appeal to both professionals and regular folks who want simple photo editing features.

That being said, it is unsurprising that Adobe has capitalized on it and in their latest move, the company has recently published a new website in which it basically details how Aperture users can migrate to Adobe Lightroom, along with answering some frequently asked questions that users might have during the course of the transition.

It is a pretty detailed guide that shows users step-by-step instructions on how to export their work from Aperture and import it into Adobe’s Lightroom software. Adobe also wants users to familiarize themselves with the terminology and layout of their software so that when they do decide to dive into the app full time, it won’t come as a complete shock.

Now photographers have the option of not transitioning, of course. While development of Aperture will cease, the app can still be used and if you’re fine with the current tools of Aperture and you’re happy with the way your workflow has been setup, we guess there’s no reason to switch, but if you want to see what you can expect, hit up Adobe’s website for the guide.

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