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Lightroom For iPad Now Allows For Direct Import
Due to the nature of how iOS has been designed, it isn’t quite as “open” compared to Android where accessing files on an iOS device can be a bit tricky and slightly convoluted. This means that when it comes to using photo editing apps such as Adobe’s Lightroom isn’t as straightforward.

Final Standalone Version Of Adobe Lightroom Has Been Released
It used to be that when you bought a piece of software, that’s all you’d have to pay for it, a one-time upfront fee. However in recent years we’ve started to see more developers shift to a subscription-like model, where users would pay monthly/yearly fees to keep using the software, which in the long run ultimately adds up to more.

Adobe Lightroom Update Uses AI To Edit Your Photos
Editing photos takes skill, such as being able to choose the right colors/tone that will make a photo more interesting, as well as fixing things in the photo that you might have missed when taking the shot, like blown out highlights, areas that are too dark, and so on. However Adobe is hoping to make that easier, thanks to the use of AI.

Adobe Lightroom For iOS Gains Support For 3D Touch, Apple Pencil
The thing with the iPad Pro is that thanks to the Apple Pencil, it makes it the perfect tool to use if you want to draw on the go, or if you want to be able to edit photos in the field. Granted editing on a computer might be better thanks to a larger display, but if you had to edit in the field, the iPad Pro would come in […]


Adobe Will Make Speeding Up Lightroom A Priority
When it comes to the post-processing of photos, Adobe’s Lightroom is one of the most-used programs around. However just because it is the most-used doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best. Sure, it comes with a ton of features and robust editing options, but if there is one complaint many Lightroom users seem to have is that it feels slow.

Lightroom For Mobile Updated With Raw HDR Capture
Adobe’s Lightroom for mobile app already supports Raw images, but if you’re looking to go beyond what is being offered, you’ll be pleased to learn that Adobe has announced that their Lightroom Mobile app has been updated with a new feature in the form of Raw HDR capture mode.

Adobe Lightroom For iOS Updated With One-Handed Usage
Due to our smartphones having bigger screens than before, there are probably quite a few users out there who are no longer able to use their phones with one hand as effectively as before. This can be troublesome when you need to tend to something especially if your other hand is occupied.

Adobe Lightroom For Android Finally Gets Proper RAW Support
Adobe brought proper RAW support to Lightroom for iOS earlier this year and while the move was welcomed, Android users were left out because the company said this feature would arrive for them at a later date. They had to make do with the DNG RAW format, until today. Adobe has sent out a new update that brings full RAW support to Lightroom for Android. The wait is finally over […]

Lightroom For iOS Updated To Capture RAW Images
For professional photographers, capturing images in RAW is generally preferred. This is because RAW images aren’t compressed unlike JPEG files, meaning that they retain a certain quality about them that photographers can further edit and manipulate either without worrying about degrading the quality further.

Adobe Lightroom Released For Apple TV
Adobe today announced the launch of Lightroom for Apple TV. Adobe’s goal with Lightroom is to enable users to enjoy their photography and allow them to share it with anyone with the best possible quality across multiple devices. Now that’s possible on the big screen with Adobe Lightroom for Apple TV. The app has been released today for Apple’s set-top box.

Adobe Lightroom For iOS Lets You Edit RAW Files On Your Phone
For the average photographer who just wants to capture images, shooting exclusively in JPEG is fine. However for photographers who are a bit more fussy about how their images turn out in post-processing might choose to shoot in RAW which gives them a greater degree of flexibility to make adjustments later.

Leica Will No Longer Bundle Adobe Lightroom With Their Cameras
Leica cameras are expensive for many reasons, such as craftsmanship, image quality, branding, and etc. However there are certain perks of purchasing a Leica camera and that is it also comes bundled with Adobe Lightroom, an image post-processing software that many professionals typically turn to.

Lightroom For Android Can Now Shoot RAW Photos
Adobe has released a big update for Lightroom for Android, the update brings this app at par with its iOS counterpart, with new features being added that include haze removal and split toning. These features were added to Lightroom for iOS last year so it’s about time that Adobe brought them over for Android as well. It has also added an entirely new feature to the Android app which takes […]

Adobe Lightroom Mobile Now Free For All Android Users
Adobe today released Lightroom Mobile for Android 1.4 and this release makes Lightroom Mobile free for any and all Android users, even those that do not have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. This move follows Lightroom 2.0 for iOS which was also made available for free to all iOS devices in October this year, so it’s about time that Android users got similar treatment from Adobe.Adobe says that the […]