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LINE Messaging App Adds End-To-End Encryption
In the recent years we have started to see more developers of messaging apps introduce more security features, like WhatsApp who has started to encrypt user data by default. While encryption is no doubt a welcome feature, there are some who aren’t too pleased about it, but it looks like nothing is going to stop the encryption train.Popular messaging app LINE has recently pushed out an update to their mobile […]

LINE And WeChat Will Be Coming To Tizen Devices
If you’re a Tizen user or if you’d like to get your hands on a Tizen phone but were wondering about the availability of popular apps, you might be pleased to learn that Samsung has announced that they will be bringing popular messaging apps such as LINE and WeChat onto the platform.This announcement follows an earlier one in which Rovio promised that Angry Birds would also be making its way […]

Messaging App LINE Creates Its Own Android Launcher
While LINE might not be particularly popular in the West, over in Asia and other parts of the world, LINE is one of the more popular messaging apps around. Now if you’re an avid user of the app, you might be interested to learn that the company has recently announced that they have launched their own Android launcher.The launcher is free and available for download via Google Play. Now if […]

LINE For Android Introduces LINE Out Low-Cost Calling
LINE is a messaging app that seems to be particularly popular in Asia, like in countries such as Japan, Thailand, Korea, and Malaysia, just to name a few. Recently the company has announced that they have updated the Android app and it will now come with a new feature called LINE Out.However it should be noted that LINE Out is actually the rebranding of the company’s call service that was […]


Line Launches A New Location Sharing App
Line is best known for its cross-platform instant messenger that is used by hundreds of millions of people across the globe, the company has been branching out into other areas like music and what not, it’s latest creation is an app that lets people share their locations with people they want to. Line’s new location sharing application is called Line Here.

LINE Lite App Begins Global Rollout
In countries where internet is slow and data plans are expensive, conserving data is key. Recently developers have tried to help with that by launching “lite” versions of their app, like what messaging app LINE did last month when they launched LINE Lite. The app was only available in Asia and Africa at the time of launch, but now it has begun its global rollout.According to a press release from […]

LINE Lite For Android Launched
LINE is a messenger app that you may or may not have heard of. The app is extremely popular in Asia, like in Thailand where they actually sell t-shirts and plushies of LINE characters, and there is even a LINE cafe as well! That being said, it looks like the company is following in the footsteps of Facebook by launching LINE Lite.For those who are hearing about this for the […]

LINE Music Streaming Service Debuts In Japan
For those of you who aren’t from Asia or haven’t really noticed, LINE is an extremely popular app in some Asian markets, such as Japan and Thailand, just to name a few. That being said, the company is more than just a messaging app as it has launched countless apps aimed at photographers, gamers, and more.Recently it looks like the company is thinking of taking the likes of Apple and […]

LINE’s Popcorn Buzz Lets Up To 200 People Talk Simultaneously
LINE is an app that is primarily a messaging platform, although the company has over the years dabbled in a variety of other apps such as photography apps, games, and recently they have launched an app called Popcorn Buzz. So what is Popcorn Buzz? Basically it is an app that allows you to call other people.If you’ve ever used LINE, you know that the app itself has a voice call […]

MixRadio Lands On Android And iOS
The MixRadio music streaming service was launched by Nokia and as you can imagine, it was exclusive to Windows Phone. MixRadio remained exclusive to Microsoft’s mobile platform for a long time and was included in the deal which saw Microsoft acquire Nokia’s devices and services business. Since Redmond had no use for the streaming service it was sold to messaging company Line in 2014, which has now brought it over to […]

Facebook Wants To Turn Messenger Into A Platform [Rumor]
Facebook Messenger is a pretty straightforward app. It lets you send messages to your Facebook friends and even lets you conduct VoIP calls. However it seems that Facebook has bigger plans for Messenger and according to a report from TechCrunch, they are looking to turn it into a platform.No, this does not mean that Messenger will become its own OS, but rather Facebook is said to be trying to emulate […]

Messaging App Line Starts Grocery Selling & Delivery Service In Asia
For those of you who live in New York City or San Francisco, you guys will be able to buy your groceries and have them delivered via Amazon. It’s a pretty interesting expansion by the company, but it looks like if they were hoping to replicate that success in Asia, Line might have beaten them to it.Line, for those unfamiliar, is a messaging application that is very popular in the […]

LINE For Windows Phone Updated With Video Calling
The problem with having a handset that runs on the Windows Phone operating system is that developers tend not to bother too much with it, and we guess we can’t blame them. After all the small market share means that apps won’t sell as much, which also means less revenue for the developers.It is also why sometimes features for Windows Phone apps tend to be delayed compared to other operating […]

LINE Purchases MixRadio From Microsoft
We have known for some time that messaging client LINE wants to get into the music game and today’s announcement leaves no doubt about that. It has just been announced that LINE has agreed to purchase MixRadio from Microsoft. This is the music streaming service that Nokia launched back in the day, Microsoft got it as part of its acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services business, which it’s unloading to […]

Line Gets Into Music Streaming Business With Line Music
There are plenty of instant messaging apps available at the moment. We have WhatsApp, Viber, BBM, Skype, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Line, and so on. With so many apps available, how does one choose which service to use? Well all these companies must differentiate themselves in some way and with Line, the company is hoping a music streaming service will entice users over to its app.The company has recently announced Line Music. […]

Line Launches SnapMovie Standalone App, Vine Looks Across Its Shoulders
Line, the instant messaging company from Japan, intends to narrow down their focus when it comes to multimedia apps after introducing SnapMovie as a standalone app. For those who are wondering just what SnapMovie is capable of bringing to the tablet, this so happens to be an app that brings Vine-like features, and right now, it is a standalone download – which will cater for Android devices only.

Line App Updated With Sticker Recommendations As You Type
Stickers are a fun and amusing way to chat with your friends and they can be found on apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Line. Well if you’re an avid Line user, you might be interested to learn that the app has recently been updated (via The Next Web) and will now inform users when there is a relevant sticker that they can use in the course of their chat.In […]

LINE App Updated With Hidden Message Feature
One of the downsides to downloading new messenger apps is that you have to make sure your friends are using it too, otherwise there won’t be anyone to send messages to! That being said, if you’re a LINE user you might be pleased to learn that the app has recently been updated and has gained a Hidden Chat function.As you can see in the screenshot above, it basically lets you […]

LG Introduces Premium Smart Appliances Which “Chat”
LG, the South Korean consumer electronics giant, has introduced its latest range of premium smart appliances which are able to “chat” – allowing consumers to communicate in a convenient and personal manner. The revolutionary HomeChat messaging service will make use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and LINE, where the latter happens to be one of the more popular mobile messenger apps out there with more than 300 million users to […]

Line Messaging App Announces New Sticons Feature
If there is one feature that the messaging app Line is known for, it would be its stickers. The sticker store is constantly updated with new stickers and is used by companies to help market movies and television shows and even music by releasing stickers in its likeness, like Avengers-related stickers, Psy-themed stickers, and so on.Line has recently announced that they have updated their Android app with a new feature […]