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Lithium-Ion Batteries Banned As Cargo On Passenger Flights
Last month a United Nations panel suggested a total ban on cargo shipments of lithium-ion batteries on passenger flights. The UN had previously rejected similar restrictions in the past but is open to considering them now. A total ban has been recommended by the UN panel on aviation so as to not allow rechargeable lithium-ion batteries as cargo on passenger planes.

UN Panel Suggests Ban On Lithium-Ion Battery Cargo In Passenger Planes
There are many arguments to be made against or in favor of allowing lithium-ion battery cargo on passenger planes which is really one of the reasons a consensus is yet to be formed on this issue. A United Nations panel is suggesting a total ban on cargo shipments of lithium-ion batteries on passenger planes. The UN has already rejected similar restrictions in the past but according to a new report, […]

New Lithium Battery Can Store Five Times The Energy Of Current Batteries
Battery technology has come a long way and even though the batteries in our mobile devices are bigger and better than they have ever been before, they’re still not enough, and that’s because there’s an abundance of apps and services that require a significant amount of juice to run. Perhaps a new kind of lithium battery would suffice, one that’s actually capable of storing five times the energy of existing […]

Airbus Switching To Conventional Nickel-Cadmium Batteries In The A350
Airbus is making plans to drop lithium-ion batteries from its upcoming A350 planes. The Wall Street journal reports that Airbus is taking the decision so that deliveries of the A350 are not delayed due to regulations over the lithium-ion batteries.Lithium-ion batteries have previously caused Boeing’s Dreamliner planes to be grounded after two instances of burning aboard the planes.  Questions have also been raised regarding safety standards of batteries especially sincethe cause […]


New battery electrode could last 40,000 charge cycles
As our smartphones start doing more for us and become more feature packed, the more battery it would drain, but the thing is it does not matter how big a battery you have because the more you charge it, the less effective it becomes, ultimately resulting in a battery that will barely get you through the day.

NEC's new battery technology said to last twice as long
While we long for new battery technology that will be able to let us use our smartphones or tablets for longer periods of time, NEC has managed to develop a new lithium-ion battery technology that they are claiming will be able to double the life span of the conventional model, but the downside here is that it appears to be limited to just electrical power systems found in buildings and […]

New li-ion battery reportedly charges as fast as it takes to refuel your car
One of the reasons people aren’t as willing to adopt electric vehicles (EV), is probably due to its power output isn’t up to par with most fuel-powered cars, unless of course you go for a Tesla S EV, which is incredibly expensive and probably not for everyone. The fact that you only have a limited driving range before requiring another charge is a hassle that many car owners can do […]

Sony to start building batteries for electric vehicles
With the popularity of electric vehicles (EV) growing, albeit slowly but surely, it seems that Sony has decided not to be left out of the loop and has jumped aboard the EV bandwagon. No, this does not mean that we will be seeing Sony branded EVs rolling past our houses any time soon, but instead Sony is looking to contribute to the EV industry by creating lithium-ion batteries specifically designed […]

Huge batteries offer New York grid added stability
Lithium ion batteries look set to be no longer the domain of notebooks and other portable electronics in the near future – in fact, a bunch of truck-size battery banks are currently delivering quick bursts of juice to the electricity grid in upstate New York. This is made possible thanks to AES Energy Storage, a subsidiary of power generation company AES, touted that their first 8 megawatts of a planned […]

New Lithium-sulfur Batteries From The Folks At Stanford
All the coolest gadgets in the market probably have a common problem – battery life. With plenty of external batteries being created to sustain your iPhone when used in an extended trip, it’s obvious that battery technology is lagging behind. If the new lithium-sulfur technology developed by the folks at Stanford becomes mature, we might just have a solution to our battery woes. This new technology is apparently safer, and […]

Porsche Shows Lithium-ion Car Battery
Weight is obviously one of the many enemies of fuel economy, and while folks who can afford Porsches generally shouldn’t have to worry about fuel economy, it’s still interesting to see Porsche come out with a lithium-ion replacement main battery which weighs just 13 pounds, compared to the traditional 35 pound lead acid battery. It’ll set you back $1,700, which should be peanuts for Porsche owners. If you happen to […]