New Lithium-sulfur Batteries From The Folks At Stanford

All the coolest gadgets in the market probably have a common problem – battery life. With plenty of external batteries being created to sustain your iPhone when used in an extended trip, it’s obvious that battery technology is lagging behind. If the new lithium-sulfur technology developed by the folks at Stanford becomes mature, we might just have a solution to our battery woes. This new technology is apparently safer, and more importantly (actually safety is probably more important); it currently achieves 80 percent more capacity than lithium-ion batteries. The downside is that it’s still far from becoming a mass market product, as the charge cycles of just 40-50 times compared to the 300-500 times of lithium-ion batteries aren’t anything to shout about. Hopefully they manage to tweak it and we’ll see a significant boost in battery life in all our devices sooner rather than later.


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