Battery technology has come a long way and even though the batteries in our mobile devices are bigger and better than they have ever been before, they’re still not enough, and that’s because there’s an abundance of apps and services that require a significant amount of juice to run. Perhaps a new kind of lithium battery would suffice, one that’s actually capable of storing five times the energy of existing lithium-ion batteries.

A team of scientists have created a new prototype battery that’s capable of storing up to five times the energy of existing lithium-ion batteries. They call it the lithium-air battery because it releases oxygen when it discharges.

Instead of using lithium peroxide the prototype uses lithium superoxide to store energy, it breaks down more easily and provides improved battery life with greater efficiency. When the battery is charged the lithium becomes a positive ion and bonds with the oxides. When it’s discharging the lithium and oxide separate to release the stored energy.

It’s similar to lithium-ion batteries since it’s a closed system, that means it doesn’t require an extra intake of oxygen or any components to be removed, it simply charges up like the batteries we have in our devices now.

A lot more research is required for lithium-air batteries can actually make their way into consumer devices, researchers are now looking for the cycle life of the battery but are optimistic that this discovery is going to open a pathway for potential development of a new kind of battery.

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