One of the reasons people aren’t as willing to adopt electric vehicles (EV), is probably due to its power output isn’t up to par with most fuel-powered cars, unless of course you go for a Tesla S EV, which is incredibly expensive and probably not for everyone. The fact that you only have a limited driving range before requiring another charge is a hassle that many car owners can do without, especially since EV charging stations aren’t as readily available as gas stations.

The good news is that according to researchers at the University of Illinois have announced the development of a new battery design, which they are claiming can be charged in as little time as it takes to fill a car up with fuel. Not only, but the researchers are also claiming that the fast charge/discharge method that would normally decrease a battery’s capacity, will be addressed in this new battery, claiming overall battery capacity will not be diminished in the process.

All of this is thanks to a sponge-like 3D nanostructure, which they say will be constructed in their new batteries which will allow it to charge and discharge at a very fast rate. It sounds like a good idea but with most research, concepts and prototypes, whether it will be viable to mass produce and make them commercially available remains an entirely different story.

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