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Mac OS X Lion's auto-login has a security flaw
If you have recently installed Mac OS X Lion on your computer, you might have been slightly pleased with the automatic login which shaves off a couple of seconds between turning on your computer and getting down to business. As convenient as that feature may be, it turns out that the feature could very well leave your passwords ripe for the picking.

Mozilla BrowserID: so you don't have to remember countless passwords
There are so many web services available right now, with each one requiring a separate login to use. And while we know it’s not wise to use the same password for all your different accounts – it’s just so difficult to keep track of all your different passwords, especially when writing them onto a piece of paper and sticking it onto your monitor isn’t a good idea.

Android apps put users' information at risk
Remember how awhile ago the Skype app for Android was said to be storing its users details on easily accessible files that weren’t encrypted? Well it looks like Skype isn’t the only company guilty of such practices. According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, a company security firm called viaForensics has discovered that apps from a lot of top Internet companies aren’t keeping your data safe either.viaForensics […]

Google steps up security with 2-step verification
In today’s age where everybody is connected to the internet and storing important information online, security has become a major concern for online services everywhere. Google recognizes this issue and has decided to improve their security for their online services and has introduced a new feature called 2-step verification. While 2-step verification isn’t something new (it’s been around for awhile now), it is a pretty useful way to increase the […]


AOL Mail is down
According to the latest reports from CNet, AOL Mail is suffering from some issues that prevent users from logging onto their accounts. When it first started, AOL pointed out that it was a scheduled maintenance that took longer than expected, and that only a handful of users would be affected – some wouldn’t be able to log in, while some people wouldn’t be able to see their newer messages. The […]

Yahoo now accepts Google and Facebook logins
Looks like Yahoo! is slowly losing ground in its influence on the internet. Last year the once super internet directory started using Bing to power its search engine. Now this year, they have announced that they will be accepting Google and Facebook account logins via the OpenID authentication protocol. Yahoo! stated that this would make things easier for users to access Yahoo! services without the need to sign up, which […]

Skype 2.8.x for Mac doesn't work on the new Macbook Air
We’ve experienced it ourselves and a users have started to report (here’s a bug report), but it looks like Skype for Mac version 2.8.x is having a bit of a problem with the new Macbook Air (MBA). The symptoms are that Skype gets stuck forever during the login phase. The Windows version works without any trouble, if you have Windows 7 installed on the MBA…Apparently, you can work around this […]