FoursquareRemember how awhile ago the Skype app for Android was said to be storing its users details on easily accessible files that weren’t encrypted? Well it looks like Skype isn’t the only company guilty of such practices. According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, a company security firm called viaForensics has discovered that apps from a lot of top Internet companies aren’t keeping your data safe either.

viaForensics noticed that apps from LinkedIn, Netflix, and Foursquare stored usernames and passwords in unencrypted plain text form on Android devices as well. While it’s true that gaining access to these files would be a difficult task for just any hacker (they would need physical access to the device or the use of malware to help them get the files).

You might wonder – sure, hackers might gain access to those passwords, but what’s the big deal? There’s not much you could do with someone’s Foursquare or Netflix account. True, for some people who use the same username and passwords for all their accounts including their important services  like email for work – it could be a big deal.

The good news is that the companies have been informed of the security flaw of their apps and they are working on fixes at the moment. Expect updates to be pushed out in the near future. Hopefully other companies that weren’t mentioned will pay heed to these findings as well, and take the necessary precautions to update their apps as well.

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