Skype 2.8.x for Mac doesn't work with the new Macbook Air

We’ve experienced it ourselves and a users have started to report (here’s a bug report), but it looks like Skype for Mac version 2.8.x is having a bit of a problem with the new Macbook Air (MBA). The symptoms are that Skype gets stuck forever during the login phase. The Windows version works without any trouble, if you have Windows 7 installed on the MBA…

Apparently, you can work around this by going back to Skype – at least, that how Skype forum user “KOTxxxxx” got it to work for himself/herself. It seems to work on the 13″ Macbook Air that this person got a couple of days ago. Good luck and drop a comment if there’s something new. Have you seen our Macbook Air Unboxing? We’re finishing the complete review… stay tuned!

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