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Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Gets LTE Connectivity
It is starting to get more and more difficult when it comes to figuring out just how many different ranges of Galaxy smartphones that Samsung has. There is even a family of handsets that carry the “Prime” prefix – and this happens to include the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime as well as the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. Of course, with smartphones these days sporting many different kinds of cameras, and […]

AT&T: 4G LTE Signal Blankets Over 300 Million People
Now here is an interesting bit of news that you might want to consider the next time you decide to choose a new mobile carrier in the U.S. – apparently, AT&T claims that their 4G LTE signal will now cover 300 million people who happen to live in the U.S., which would make them ahead of schedule where the company’s targets are concerned. In November a couple of years ago, […]

T-Mobile Offers Quadruple LTE Data On Simple Starter Plans
In its bid to get a leg up on the other three nationwide carriers T-Mobile has kicked off yet another promotion. Recently the company started a promotion which promises a year’s worth of LTE data for those who convince their friends to switch from their current carriers to Magenta. The latest promotion is aimed at those subscribers who are using T-Mobile Simple Starter plans, for just an additional $5 per month […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A To Hit Europe
Earlier this morning, the world was abuzz with word that the long awaited Samsung Galaxy Alpha has been officially revealed, putting to bed once and for all the rumors associated with this particular metal-clad device. However, there were also whispers of a different Galaxy S5 variant not too long ago as well, citing the possibility of a Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A edition emerging. It seems that those rumors are starting […]


Verizon Delivers 4G LTE Service To Prepaid ALLSET Plans
They say that good things come to those who wait, but what about us who have run thin of our patience? I suppose those of you who rejoiced in March this year when the Verizon ALLSET plans were announced were (unpleasantly) surprised to find that it did not come with 4G LTE support. Well, it is nice to hear that Verizon Wireless has started to enable this very 4G LTE […]

Verizon Prepares XLTE AWS Network Launch
It seems that Verizon might very well be the first wireless carrier in the U.S. to cover the country with LTE connectivity, but when it comes to its second generation service, Verizon does seem to have worked out plans to deliver LTE capabilities on top of its AWS spectrum. Word on the street has it that Verizon will be dubbing this particular network as “XLTE”, and anonymous sources have also […]

Moto G Gets 4G LTE Capability
When it comes to the best value proposition where smartphones are concerned, I am quite sure that folks who are rooting for the Android camp would definitely find that the Moto G from Motorola is a candidate that is tough to beat. Despite delivering a whole lot of bang for one’s hard earned buck, there is one particular drawback of the Motorola Moto G that seemed to have held some […]

iPad Air & iPad mini With LTE Hits China At Last
Now folks, this is no April Fool’s joke. Apple has announced that they will be making TD-LTE capable models of the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display to the market in China from today onward. These “new” (relatively speaking, considering how most of the rest of the world have had them for some time already) iPad models would be able to offer customers the option to hook up […]

pCell Technology Could Help Carriers Provide Better Reception And Speeds
Sprint’s Chairman was recently quoted as saying 4G LTE connectivity in the US is “horrible”, and we’re not sure if it is a coincidence because around the same time, a certain piece of technology called the pCell was announced which will supposedly improve phone reception, connectivity issues, reduce battery strain, and at the same time increase data speeds that are apparently 1,000 faster than 4G, according to a report by […]

Surface 2 With LTE Spotted At The FCC
Back in October 2013, Microsoft launched their brand new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets. Both tablets offered up WiFi connectivity but at the same time, we’re sure that many wouldn’t mind if the tablets came with an LTE option. After all not everywhere provides WiFi and tethering to your phone is a good and quick way to use up your data. The good news was that during an […]

Broadcom Forging Ahead With 300 Mbps Cat6 LTE
Broadcom has recently demonstrated that its smartphone modem can communicate with a “live” 300 Mbps LTE commercial network. Although demonstrations using a similar technology have been done in the past, Broadcom says that it is the first to do so on a “live” network (in Finland) which means that a cell tower used to serve actual wireless customers was upgraded and used for the demonstration. The test device itself was […]

AT&T LTE Moto G Possible
The Moto G happens to be a bonafide mid-range Android smartphone. Customers have praised its build and the specifications it offers for a very competitive price. The smartphone has already been picked up by carriers like Verizon, Boost Mobile and U.S. Cellular, who have all used it to bolster their prepaid smartphone lineup. It appears that another major U.S. carrier might be jumping on the bandwagon as well, with the possibility […]

Apple Could Get Fined Over LTE Blocking
Apple’s newer iPhone devices come with LTE enabled on them, a feature which iPhone users have been clamoring for. However it seems that the iPhone being able to use hook onto LTE networks, it seems that there are some networks which Apple has been actively blocking which could now get them into a spot of trouble in Belgium, where they could face fines for LTE blocking. This goes against the […]

HP Chromebook 11 LTE Available Now For $379
There is no doubt in the fact that Chromebooks have gained a lot of popularity over the past year, which has resulted into a surge in sales. According to a report, Chromebooks accounted for over 21 percent of all U.S. notebook shipments in 2013. A new crop of Chrome OS powered notebooks were unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show last week, so customers are definitely spoilt for choice. Though […]

ZTE To Ship Own LTE USB Dongles
The folks over at ZTE have just announced that they will be shipping a home-grown LTE modem within one of its very own LTE USB dongles. If you are one who loves to dive knee deep into model numbers and names, then it would be better known as the ZTE ZX297502. This would come across as a second-generation LTE modem from ZTE. According to Jim Mielke, VP of engineering at […]

Verizon 4G LTE Network Connectivity Improved In Selected Areas
When you choose a mobile carrier, one of the main aspects of that mobile carrier which you would definitely look out for would be the area of coverage. Well, we are pleased to say that as Verizon celebrates the third birthday of its 4G LTE network, and in order to commemorate the occasion, it has given the 4G LTE service a boost via Advanced Wireless Services spectrum airwaves. Revealing this […]

Samsung LTE Mobile HotSpot PRO For T-Mobile Announced
If you guys are in the market for a hotspot router, Samsung has announced the LTE Mobile HotSpot PRO for T-Mobile subscribers. Granted this is merely a hotspot router, its design is pretty pleasing to the eye, and some of its features could be worth your consideration. For starters the device will allow for tethering of up to 10 WiFi-enabled devices and naturally it will play nicely with T-Mobile’s LTE […]

Nexus 7 LTE Factory Images Available
If you happen to be in possession of the Nexus 7 that sports LTE connectivity, we have some good news for you. You are now able to restore your tablet in a safe manner, returning it to the factory firmware through the use of freshly released official images from Google. The images for the Nexus 7 with LTE connectivity have been given the codename “razorg”, and it has already been […]

Nexus 7 LTE Model Could See Mid-September Debut
Just when will the Nexus 7 LTE enabled tablet arrive in the market? Well, there are signs from Japan as well as Europe which will point in the direction of some time this coming mid-September, and this has increased the hopes of some that a similar rollout might happen in the US market, too, although nothing concrete has been confirmed just yet. One of the earliest pointers that the Nexus […]

HTC Reportedly Lagging Behind In LTE Market
Data compiled by Strategy Analytics reveals that HTC is continuing to lose its ground in the LTE segment of the smartphone market. Its market share has considerably dropped over the last couple of years, the company now stands behind Samsung, Apple, Sony and LG in this particular segment of the smartphone market. Digitimes claims in a new report that industry sources believe chances are slim for HTC to regain the market […]