apple_logoApple’s newer iPhone devices come with LTE enabled on them, a feature which iPhone users have been clamoring for. However it seems that the iPhone being able to use hook onto LTE networks, it seems that there are some networks which Apple has been actively blocking which could now get them into a spot of trouble in Belgium, where they could face fines for LTE blocking. This goes against the rules set out by the Council of Ministers who ruled that no mobile phone maker can block 4G access for any carrier, presumably for competitive reasons.

According to the report from ZDNet, Apple currently has a partner relationship with Mobistar in the region, which at the moment is the only officially certified network for the iPhone. Other competing carriers such as Proximus and Base do not officially sell iPhones, much like how T-Mobile was a couple of years ago. Apple has since been accused of dragging out the certification process in a bid to protect its preferred partner until they themselves have deployed a 4G network. It is unclear how Apple will respond to this potential legal issue, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled and update you guys accordingly.

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