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AT&T’s Lumia 830 Is Receiving Its Windows 10 Mobile Update
If you are the owner of the Lumia 830 and if you’re wondering about the status of your phone, such as whether or not you should bother getting a new one or keep using it, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can actually save yourself some money because it seems that AT&T has begun rolling out the Windows 10 Mobile update for your phone.

Leak Indicates Lumia 830 Has Reached End Of Life Status
Last year Microsoft launched the Lumia 830 where it went on sale. The device wasn’t terribly impressive and came with mid-range specs, as expected of most Lumia devices these days, but it featured a pretty decent design and its price tag made the handset a value for money purchase, especially if you were shopping on a budget.However thanks to the folks at WMPoweruser, they have managed to get their hands […]

Lumia 830’s Discontinuation Hints At Lumia 840’s Impending Arrival
The Microsoft Lumia 830 was announced in the later part of 2014 but it looks like its successor, the rumored Lumia 840 could be getting ready for an announcement soon. This is according to a report from NPU who claims that their source has informed them that this is because Microsoft has hastened the launch of the Lumia 830’s successor.It has also been noted that the handset has been discontinued […]

Nokia Lumia 830 Gold Spotted In The Wild
There is just something that is extremely attractive about the color gold – after all, there was the great gold rush some centuries ago, and no doubt the pharaohs of yore would also have loved to have amassed much of this precious metal. You can see their burial masks adorned with gold for sure. Having said that, whispers of a gold edition of the Nokia Lumia 830 did make their […]


Newer, Thinner Lumia 830 Could Be In The Works [Rumor]
According to the rumor mill, we have heard that Microsoft could be working on an updated version of the Lumia 830 and recently it seems that those rumors could be right on the money. According to a recent Reddit thread (which has since been edited with the details and photos removed), it seems that Microsoft is working on a device that looks similar to the Lumia 830, except thinner.The folks […]

Upcoming RM-1072 Could Be A Cheaper Lumia 830 Alternative
We have been hearing about a bunch of Lumia devices that could be launched soon. One of the devices we have heard about is the RM-1072 and now thanks to the folks at NPU, potential specs of the upcoming handset have been revealed. According to NPU and based on the specs of the device, it looks like the RM-1072 could end up being a more affordable Lumia 830.For starters the […]

Lumia 830 And Lumia 930 Get Special Golden Editions
Everyone loves a little bit of gold, and if you needed some level of convincing, surely the fact that Apple’s gold colored iPhone 5s proved itself to be quite the hit when it was first released. Of course, it could be because folks had another color choice other than the usual black or white shades that might have pushed gold to the forefront of the sales action, but that is […]

Nokia Lumia 830 Gold Edition Set For China Reveal?
It seems that the Nokia Lumia 830 is set to roll out in China – in a special gold edition, of course. I have yet to meet a single person who does not like to have to do anything with gold, this is for sure. This particular launch is said to happen this coming January 8th – which is a Thursday, where CES 2015 would have kicked off in full […]

Lumia Denim Update For Lumia 830 And Lumia 930 Arriving Soon
A report published today suggests that Microsoft might soon start rolling out the Lumia Denim update for some devices. The first devices expected to receive Lumia Denim update are believed to be the Lumia 830 and the Lumia 930, followed by the Lumia 1520 a while later. This update was formally announced back in September and Microsoft said at that time that it will be released in the fourth quarter of […]

AT&T First Off The Blocks With The Nokia Lumia 830
It is always very nice to come out first especially when it comes to something that is good, and AT&T looks set to be the first mobile carrier over in the U.S. that will deliver the Nokia Lumia 830. One of the possible “claim to fame” aspect of the Lumia 830 would be it being the thinnest Lumia smartphone to date, and those who decide to jive with AT&T will […]

AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 830 To Feature A Pair Of Rear Covers
While we do know that mobile carrier AT&T will carry the Nokia Lumia 830 for the masses in due time, not to mention confirmation of Qi support as well as PMA wireless charging, here we are with word that the Nokia Lumia 830 too, will arrive with a couple of rear covers. Apparently, a flyer that is made available via the AT&T Store did point to the Nokia Lumia 830 […]

AT&T's Lumia 830 Confirmed To Sport Qi Wireless Charging
The Lumia 830 for AT&T has yet to be officially released, although some have pegged the handset’s release for next week. That being said, we had heard the rumors a couple of weeks ago that the handset would support wireless charging. It was said that it would play nicely with both the Qi and PMA wireless charging standards.Now while the PMA charging standard has yet to be confirmed, it seems […]

AT&T's Lumia 830 Could Support Qi And PMA Wireless Charging
A while back, the Nokia Lumia 830 was announced and is expected to make its way onto AT&T’s network in the near future. Well if you’re wondering why should you pick up the Lumia 830 from AT&T as opposed to unlocked or another carrier, it is because AT&T’s model could come with both Qi and PMA wireless charging standards in it.This is according to a report from Windows Phone Central […]

Lumia 830 Sales Have Begun In Certain Markets
A couple of weeks back Microsoft unveiled a new Lumia smartphone which it dubbed “the first affordable flagship.” Microsoft has tried to provide high-end specifications in a thin and lightweight body with a price tag that’s not as high as other flagships that are available in the market today. The company had said that sales would begin in October and today it announced that the Lumia 830 has gone on […]