lumia830-goldThere is just something that is extremely attractive about the color gold – after all, there was the great gold rush some centuries ago, and no doubt the pharaohs of yore would also have loved to have amassed much of this precious metal. You can see their burial masks adorned with gold for sure. Having said that, whispers of a gold edition of the Nokia Lumia 830 did make their rounds earlier this year, where it was then introduced in China – making the rest of the world look on in envy as it was deemed to be a regional exclusive.

Of course, that was far from the truth since Microsoft did put their foot down to squash such rumors, clearly stating that the gold Lumia 830 will also be making its way to select markets in Europe, Asia, and Africa – sadly, the US has been excluded This unique variant of a handset will arrive in a couple of rather distinct color combos – white or black, with gold, of course, letting you flaunt your handset whenever you are out with friends.

The hardware specifications pretty much remain similar to the vanilla Nokia Lumia 830, so do not expect to see anything fancy within. Any takers for this beautiful handset?

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