Unannounced Lumia Handset Spotted On Microsoft Website

It has been a while since Microsoft launched new handsets and fans are anxiously waiting for the company to show off some new hardware. In a post on its official website about discovering new apps for Windows Phone that work well with Cortana the company appears to have provided a glimpse of an as-yet unannounced Lumia handset.

Yet Another Lumia 950 XL Render Surfaces

Yesterday, we were treated to a couple of renders of an upcoming device from the folks over at Microsoft which is sure to make even the coldest heart go a-flutter. We are talking about the soon to arrive Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, which is tipped by many to be unveiled at the upcoming event organized by Microsoft this 6th of October in New York City. Not only that, should the […]

New Lumia Handsets Detailed In Leaked Slides

It does seem to be rather difficult to keep a secret these days, don’t you think so? A bunch of new slides have shown off the kind of content that Microsoft’s upcoming trio of Lumia handsets will come with, namely the Microsoft Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, and Lumia 550. In an internal presentation, someone must have taken the opportunity to secretly snap some photos of the slides, where you […]

New Lumia 950 XL Screenshot Spotted

A picture speaks a thousand words, or so the saying goes, and while I agree with that in principle, it can be rather difficult to churn out that number of words from certain images. It is without a doubt, however, that pictures do tell a whole lot more than prose under certain situations, and a leaked device image is definitely one of those times. We all know that the Lumia […]


Lumia Beta Apps Service Calls It A Day At End Of September

All good things must come to an end, as with all good stories, too. Although for some of us, the ending is best delayed for as long as possible. In fact, Microsoft has just announced on its Lumia Beta Apps website that the service will no longer be made available to the masses by the time October 1st, 2015 rolls around. Not only that, you are advised to save or […]

Lumia Camera App Available For Non-Lumia Devices

We all know that mobile devices do age with time, and that means hardware and software that become obsolete by the day. However, certain devices do seem to be “fresher” than the others after some time in the market, and the Nokia Lumia 1020 happens to be one of them, as it still sports a rather impressive 41MP camera that will be ideal for those point-and-shoot scenarios. Not only that, […]

Windows 10 Mobile Will Be Released For These Lumia Handsets First

Microsoft may have released Windows 10 for PCs but there’s a version of this operating system that’s still being anxiously awaited by many people across the globe, Windows 10 Mobile is poised to arrive in a couple of months and today Microsoft has confirmed the models of Lumia handsets which will be the first to receive this new update. This is where you cross your fingers and hope that your Lumia device […]

Lumia 550, 750 And 850 Specs Leaked

Microsoft has recently made some major changes to its mobile business, it has taken a substantial hit on its Nokia acquisition and realized that flooding the market with low-end and mid-range devices isn’t working. As the company looks to streamline its device portfolio in the coming months there are some mid-range devices in the pipeline that are yet to be released. Specifications of three such devices have been leaked online today.

Microsoft To Unveil ‘New Windows 10 Devices’ On September 4

It has been a while since Microsoft has launched some new devices, particularly smartphones, and now that the company is almost done with the public launch of Windows 10 it’s time now that it shifted its attention to hardware. That’s precisely what it appears to be doing as it has been announced today that the company is going to unveil “new Windows 10 devices” on September 4th, the keynote will be during the […]

Six New Lumia Handsets Reportedly In The Pipeline

Microsoft hasn’t said much about its upcoming Lumia handsets but we already do know that it’s going to release two high-end Lumia smartphones this year. They might not be the only handsets that Microsoft is working on, apparently the company has as much as six new Lumia handsets in the pipeline now. The company has not yet detailed when these devices will be released.

Lumia Smartphone With Front-Facing Flash In The Works [Rumor]

Given the great design Microsoft has put out there with devices like the Surface tablets, many are anticipating what Microsoft could be bringing to the table with their own Lumia handsets. Now thanks to a tweet by @evleaks, we might have an idea of what to expect in the form of a front-facing camera flash.@evleaks initially posted the information posed as a question, but later confirmed it was both a […]

Microsoft Takes $7.6 Billion Hit On Nokia Deal, Cuts 7,800 Jobs

Things are shaking up at Microsoft. Recently former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop who returned to Microsoft after the company’s acquired Nokia’s hardware business left Microsoft again alongside head of phones Jo Harlow. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has already said that he will make “tough choices” in areas where things are not working and the biggest indication of that is coming today.

Free Nokia Headphones With Windows Phone Purchase From US Microsoft Store

If your smartphone is broken at the moment, and you are on the lookout for a brand new device so that you can get your mobile communications gig on, how about checking out the Windows Phone platform? Sure, it might not arrive with the app ecosystem and ease of use that iOS provides, not to mention the sheer number of varieties of hardware that Android delivers, but there is still […]

Lumia 1030 “Is Dead”

Remember how there was an alleged front panel from the Lumia 1030 which was leaked the day before? That was apparently a red herring, despite what looked like the words “Lumia 1030” written with a Sharpie on the front panel. Also known as the McLaren by its codename, there were high hopes for the Lumia 1030 – but unfortunately, if you have always looked forward to this particular device, it […]