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New TAG Heuer Meridiist Luxury Phones Announced
Luxury watch maker TAG Heuer has announced three new models of its Meridiist phone, all of which share the same overall design, but sport different finishes. The Black Diamond is a PVD-coated device, made out of 316L stainless steel, 18-carat pink gold, lizard leather, and 1.34-carat diamonds. The Stainless Steel & Rose Gold model also offers 18-carat pink gold, stainless steel and alligator leather, but lacks the diamonds. Finally, the […]

Dornbracht Ambiance Tuning for a luxurious shower
Taking a shower is always something relaxing for most of us, and the Dornbracht Ambiance Tuning adds a touch of class. Designed by Sieger Design, this hi-tech shower fittings allow you to enjoy a customized shower experience, since each of them will work individually to transform water via the JustRain, WaterSheet and WaterBar outlets. Gotta love the band of color around the knob as well, making showering in the dark […]

Mobiado Classic 712 Executive Model Luxury Phone
Folks who are looking out for a new luxury phone might want to take note that Mobiado has announced its latest luxury phone, the Classic 712 Executive Model (EM). It’s dubbed as being an evolution in Mobiado’s wood series, as it’s made from exotic wood, sapphire crystal, and aluminum. It’s a quad-band GSM phone, with tri-band WCDMA support. Features of this phone include a 2.2-inch QVGA display, built-in GPS, music […]

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 8 LCD TV
If it weren’t about the price, most folks out there would want a few Bang & Olufsen products in their home. Now the company has just announced its BeoVision 8, which is a smaller version of its BeoVision 10 LCD, and less expensive. This 40-inch display touts 240Hz motion processing, something that the folks over at B&O claim to be nearly double that of the conventional LCDs. Being a B&O product, […]


LG And Versace Announce The Versace Unique Luxury Phone
Looking for a new luxury phone to showcase your fabulous wealth? If that’s the case, LG and Versace have something to share with you. They’ve partnered together to churn out the Versace Unique, which is Versace’s first full-featured multimedia touch phone. The Versace Unique is hand-assembled in France and made from fancy materials like stainless steel, leather, 18k yellow gold, and a sapphire crystal touch screen display. While being a […]

Tissot Lets You Try Its T-Touch Watches Via Augmented Reality
If you’re strolling down Oxford Street, you might chance upon a couple of weird people hanging around a window wearing paper watches. If you’re wondering what all this madness is about, it’s Tissot’s latest promotion for its T-Touch watch collection that uses the oh-so-popular augmented reality (AR) technology. After “wearing” one of these paper watches, you can try on any of the 28 different watches via AR, or even play […]

New Sony VAIO P Series With Accelerometer Announced
Sony’s VAIO P notebook might not be the most powerful notebook around, but if you’re looking for something really portable, then it does fit the bill. As the rumors have been going around of an upcoming refresh to Sony’s VAIO P series, the refresh has finally arrived, giving us a matte lid and a bunch of colors to choose from. Interestingly, the new VAIO P series has an optical touchpad […]

Piezo Shower Concept Magically Heats Your Water For You
Ever wanted to save on your electricity bill? If this Piezo Shower concept ever becomes a reality, it would go a long way to helping us reduce our electricity bills. Instead of having to heat up your shower water using an electric heater, it introduces friction and vibration to the tiny fibers embedded within these thin pipes, creating piezoelectricity that warms the water, so by the time the water spurts […]

Luxury iPhone 3GS Moon Protuberance
If you can’t get hold of the leaked iPhone 4G to show your love to your partner, the iPhone 3GS Moon Protuberance is probably the next best thing. This modified iPhone 3GS sports 23 diamonds to create the image of the night sky with shining stars, as well as a LED-lit Apple logo at the back. Despite the diamonds and all, it’s priced at just $6,800, which is still expensive, […]

Sky Launches The Pantech Pandora Slim Luxury Phone In Korea
Sky is now offering the Pandora from Pantech, which will probably be suited to folks who are looking for a stylish luxury phone in Korea. The phone itself is very thin, measuring in at just 9.1mm thick. It also offers a rather unique touchpad at the top of the touchscreen, allowing you to use a Drag & Drop function on your phone. Aside from that, the Pandora also features the […]

Classy Looking Bera Speakers Concept Design
Want your speakers to take on a more futuristic design? The Bera Speaker design might be what you’re been looking for as it definitely won’t look out of place even in the modern home designs that we have nowadays. There are no technical details on this speaker, but hopefully if it ever is turned into a product, it’ll offer some really good sound quality, eh?

World's Most Expensive Mouse Doesn't Look Classy
If you have oodles and oodles of money and don’t know where to spend it, you could always shell out $26,730 for a luxury mouse from Pat Says Now that’s decked with diamonds. You’ll even be able to personalize the mouse with diamond initials or a pattern of your choosing, and considering the amount of money that you’re paying, it would probably be a crime to not let you do […]

Xbox 360 Gets The Gold Treatment
The folks over at Computer Choppers have given Microsoft’s Xbox 360 the gold treatment, as can be seen on their website. If just being beautified with 24k gold isn’t enough for you, you can add a variety of plating and custom jewelry. While there isn’t any price listed at the moment, you can be sure that it’ll cost a pretty penny.

El Hearing Aid Concept Is Classy
Hearing aids may not be the prettiest thing to hang on your ears, but with the “El”, short for “El-Egance”, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore, as it certainly looks very classy and pretty. El also comes bundled with a pair of rings, one for each hand, and will adjust the volume of the corresponding hearing aid individually. The fancy box that it comes in also doubles up […]