MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro Expected To Get Processor Refresh This Fall

If you are thinking about buying a new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, you might want to hold off because according to a report from IHS Markit analyst Jeff Lin, he claims that there is a good chance that we might be seeing Apple update its MacBook Air models and also the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

16-inch MacBook Pro Reportedly Launching This September

According to the rumors, Apple is working on a 16-inch MacBook Pro. We have heard that the laptop could be sporting an OLED screen, but according to a report from analyst Jeff Lin, he claims that Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro might be launching in the coming months except that it will sport an LCD instead of OLED.

Battery Recall Issued For 2015 15 Inch MacBook Pro Models

A voluntary recall has been issued by Apple today for some 15 inch MacBook Pro models over concerns that the battery could overheat. That would obviously be a potential safety risk which is why the company has decided to issue the recall. It’s asking users with the affected units to stop using them in the meantime.

Apple Could Have At Least Seven New MacBooks In The Works

Are you thinking about getting your hands on a new MacBook laptop? If you are, you might want to hold off on buying one just yet because according to a report from MacRumors, they have discovered what appear to be registrations made in Europe where it seems that Apple could have as many as seven new MacBooks in development.


Someone Forgot To Turn Up The Brightness In This $10,000 MacBook Pro Repair

If you were to turn on your laptop and you noticed that the screen was black, but you could still hear the fans whirring, what problem would you assume it was experiencing? That’s the “problem” that photographer and developer Greg Benz was experiencing, and it took about $10,000 worth of repairs before it was embarrassingly discovered that Benz had simply forgotten to turn up the brightness of his laptop’s display.

These Are The MacBooks, iMacs, And Mac Pros That Will Get macOS Catalina

At WWDC 2019, Apple announced macOS Catalina. This is Apple’s latest version of macOS that they plan on releasing later in the year, but the question is, is your computer compatible with the latest update? For those who are wondering, Apple has published a list of Mac computers that are eligible for the update.

MacBook Pro Reportedly Explodes During ‘Normal Use’

Usually, we hear reports about smartphones exploding, and less with laptops. Unfortunately, there is a first time for everything because according to the reports, it seems that at least one of Apple’s MacBook Pros has caught on fire and exploded. This is according to a DJ calling himself White Panda who recounted the details on a post on Reddit.

Intel’s Ambient Display Concept Shows Apple How Touch Bar Should Have Been Done

When Apple introduced the Touch Bar to its MacBook Pro lineup, it was supposed to be a game changer in terms of how we used our laptops. Unfortunately, many still seem to largely prefer having a row of function keys instead of a OLED strip, although this isn’t to say that it is completely useless.

16-inch MacBook Pro With Possible Edge-To-Edge OLED Display In The Works

Apple’s MacBook laptops have for years been using LCDs for its screen of choice. However, Apple could be making a huge shift in display tech for its laptops because in a report from Korean publication, The Elec, they claim that Apple has a new MacBook Pro laptop in the works that could use an OLED display.

New MacBook Pro Teardown Reveals Changes To The Butterfly Keyboard

The other day, Apple announced an update to its MacBook Pro lineup where they will feature new Intel processors, but in addition to that, it seems that Apple has also announced that they have improved on the butterfly keyboard mechanism that has plagued so many MacBook owners ever since its introduction.

Apple WIll Offer Free Repairs To All MacBooks With Butterfly Keyboards

When Apple introduced the new MacBook laptop a few years ago, they also introduced the new butterfly keyboard mechanism. It was supposed to offer up a better typing experience, but so far user experiences with it have been anything but. In fact, there have been many reports of users who claim that their keyboards have malfunctioned since.

Apple Refreshes MacBook Pro With Keyboard Fix And Faster Processors

Apple has refreshed its 15 inch and 13 inch MacBook Pro models today with some key (no pun intended) improvements. The keyboard issues that have caused a lot of nuisance for customers and which were begrudgingly acknowledged by Apple have been addressed in this refresh which also brings faster Intel processors.

How To Manage iCloud Storage

Apple’s iCloud makes for a pretty decent backup service for your macOS and iOS devices, but it is not unlimited and as such, you might eventually find yourself running low on space. You can check out our guide if you’d like to learn how to better manage your iCloud storage.

Apple Prioritizing MacBook Key Repairs With 24-Hour Turnaround

Apple is a company who is known for their attention to detail and also quality in their products, but in the past couple of years, the company has come under fire for the keyboards used in their MacBook lineup. This is due to the butterfly switch design that seems to fail a lot more easily than the previous design.