Earlier this year, Apple launched their refreshed iPad Pros. Not only did the tablet come with the new M1 chipset, but it was also the first Apple product to feature the use of mini LED display technology. However, users were quick to discover that the use of mini LED also meant that the tablet was suffering from a blooming effect.

This is basically where there is a glow/halo effect around images that are particularly bright, and it becomes very noticeable in the dark. For those who might be worried that the new MacBook Pros might end up suffering from the same issue, you’ll be pleased to learn that that won’t be the case, or at least we haven’t really heard anything about it so far.

According to users who have received the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, it seems that they aren’t reporting any issues with the laptop’s displays, and that any blooming effect found in the iPad Pro aren’t present in the laptops, or are at the very least aren’t as bad or obvious. Some tests found that it is present but only in very deep black backgrounds against very bright white text, but otherwise it isn’t as bad as the iPad Pro.

It is unclear what Apple did that might have reduced the blooming effect, but either way it’s good news for those who are planning on getting the new laptops.

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