With the launch of Apple’s new M1 Max and Pro MacBook Pros, Apple redesigned the laptop where they actually gave it a notch similar to the notch found on the iPhone and iPad Pro. While a bit controversial, many users seem to have gotten used to it. In fact, there is actually an app called Notchmeister that will let you decorate it.

Developed by IconFactory, how it works is that whenever you move your mouse under the notch, you can choose from a variety of effects that will be displayed. As you can see in the screenshot above, if you select the Festive option, when you move your mouse to the notch part of the display, it will display some hanging lights.

What’s actually interesting about this is that it embraces the notch design. We’ve seen wallpapers and apps that try to hide the notch and make it blend into the display and background, so this is the first (that we know of) that will actually embrace the notch and take advantage of it.

We’ve already seen this done on other Android phones, where the notch or hole punch cutouts are utilized for fun or even functional purposes. Notchmeister is a free download from the App Store so if you want to check it out, head on over for the download.

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