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It looks Apple is winning the war against publishers who don’t agree with Apple’s policy of giving the company 30% of every in-app sale it makes. The New York Times, one of the companies that held out against Apple’s strict policy has made a last minute change to its app to prevent its removal from the App Store.

The New York Times was issued a warning by the Cupertino company to include in-app subscriptions on its iOS app by June 30th or face removal. While it seems like the newspaper was going to stay defiant until the end, it looks like they were given a one day extension which they used to enable in-app purchasing through its iPad newspaper.

With such a large newspaper bowing to Apple’s iron fist, it looks like we’re going to see a lot more other apps succumb to the App Store policies instead of standing firm and denying Apple of their presence on its mobile platform. But seeing how most tablet owners own iPads, it would be a bad move to not put their publications on iOS anyway.

The Financial Times found a way around Apple’s policy through the use of a web app (the only way so far) but there’s no telling on whether Apple will be doing anything to prevent it from working in the future.

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