We know when you hear Playboy releasing a dedicated app onto the iPhone, we’re sure one of the first things you thought was it possibly being an April Fools’ Day joke. But after seeing it for ourselves, we can tell you today’s release, as ironic as it is, is no joke.

The Playboy for iPhone application takes out all of those silly nude images that nobody picks up their magazines for, and instead delivers all of the content that made it a famous men’s magazine: its articles. Playboy’s editors had to take a different route as we would originally expect in its app as Apple has always had a strong stand against any pornographic material entering its App Store. “It forces us to use our imagination to be a little bit more creative,” said Playboy’s director of digital content Josh Schollmeyer. “I tell all my photographers every picture has to be one of three things. It has to be romantic, whimsical, or sexy.”

The result of which will feature models who are wearing more material than we would originally expect from a Playboy photo as well as a number of articles that are originally printed in the magazine. The Playboy app is currently available as a free download, but in order to get any actual content out of it, you’ll need to pay one of three in-app subscription models: $2 for 30 days of unlimited content and downloads, $11 for six months of access and $20 for a full year of access.

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