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Magic FrogPad turns your Apple Magic Trackpad into a keyboard
Love your Magic Trackpad and wish that you could use it for everything including typing? Well, you’re in luck. The folks over at FrogPad have come up with a new accessory called the Magic FrogPad that turns your Apple Magic Trackpad into a compact keyboard. All you have to do is place it on top of the trackpad, run the software and you’re good to go. The Magic FrogPad makes […]

Magic Numpad transforms Apple's Magic Trackpad into a working number pad
Ever felt that something on your Magic Trackpad was missing? A number pad perhaps? If you thought that having number pad functions on your Magic Trackpad would be a good idea, thanks to Mobee you will now be able to happily crunch numbers on your Magic Trackpad – great when attempting to do your own taxes!

Magic Magic Numpad transforms your Magic Trackpad into a numpad
If you own a Magic Trackpad, and thinking to yourself – is there anything it can’t it do? Well for one, it can’t replace the numpad that isn’t present on Apple’s latest Mac keyboards anymore – unless you have Mobee’s Magic Numpad. If you sorely miss the functionality of a numpad on your Mac, this might be solution to your problem. The Mobee Magic Numpad is comprised of “Magic Film” […]

Two Magic Trackpads Combined To Create A DIY Keyboard
A useful prototype keyboard has surfaced and it’s built using two Apple Magic Trackpads. The multi-touch devices can be used as a keyboard as it’s capable of picking up several touches at the same time. The prototype pictured above shows the locations of the keys using printable transparency sheets and to further ensure where the home row is, a dab of clear fingernail polish has been added to guide you. […]


Apple Magic Trackpad Hacked To Be USB Powered
While many folks would love to have all their gadgets be wireless, there’s no denying that it can be irritating to have to replace the batteries every now and then. Obviously the creator of this hack felt the same way, as he decided that he didn’t want his Apple Magic Trackpad to be battery powered and hooked up a USB cord to a little wooden piece and popped it straight […]

Magic Trackpad, a Mouse killer? LOL
When Apple releases a new “magic” product (or any product) there are always three sides throwing comments at it: the “religious” crowd, the “haters” crowd and the fairly reasonable (but quiet) crowd. Figuring out how big the various factions are can be quite daunting as polarized groups tend to be so much noisier. Anyway, the conversation (or arguments) has been raging on whether or not the Magic Trackpad is a […]