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Yahoo Mail Lets You Drop Google Drive Files
There is the adage, where better late than never. Having said that, Yahoo Mail is now starting to be able to be on par with the other free email services out there, where one can now drop Google Drive files as well as GIFs right into one’s Yahoo email. This is certainly a step in the right direction, thanks to the integration feature which will surely be a boon for […]

iOS 8 Allows Notifications For Certain Emails
A lot of us receive a ton of email on a daily basis, so instead of having our phones blow up with notifications all day, how about only being notified about certain emails that you want to be notified about? That’s what Apple is planning to allow users to do with iOS 8. According to one of the discoveries made in the Mail app on iOS 8, it seems that […]

Lettrs For iPhone Lets You Mail Physical Letters From Your Smartphone
These days, it’s much easier to correspond with people through instant messages, texts and e-mail, but we know there are those of you who absolutely would prefer to receive an actual physical letter from your friends and family on a regular basis. Years of typing on a keyboard have probably made your hands quite feeble, which means writing with a pen might result in a pulled nerve, which is why […]

Nokia shows off RSS, email and notes app of the N9
Those of you pining to get your hands on a Nokia MeeGo device will have to wait until the N9 launches (supposedly in August) or sign up for the developer program in order to get the N950. But since most of us aren’t developers (if not we would’ve gotten the N950 by now) we’ll just have to resort to gobbling up whatever tidbits we can find of the phone online.Nokia […]


New Yahoo! Mail launched
Yahoo! has finally removed the beta tag from the latest version of its Mail service, kick starting the rollout of the latest version to its 284 million users worldwide today. While Yahoo! Mail is the US’ largest web portal’s email service, it is available in a total of 43 markets and 26 different languages all over the world.The new version of Yahoo! Mail has some interesting features like social-networking integration […]

Yahoo! Mail still down
It looks like things aren’t looking too good over at Yahoo! – Yahoo! Mail is still down for some users today. After being reported as being down for a certain number of users yesterday, Yahoo! issued a statement saying that they are working hard to fix the issue. Well, today is day 2 and it looks like the situation hasn’t improved but more details have been revealed. Apparently, about 1 […]

Yahoo! Mail is down – for some users
While a large number of folks have migrated to Gmail and forgotten about Yahoo! Mail, I’m pretty sure quite a number of users that haven’t made the switch are feeling quite frustrated right now. The US’ largest web portal’s email service has been reported to be down for a large number of users. Just search Twitter for “Yahoo Mail down” and you should see the number of complaints posted. It […]

Postagram – send real postcards with your iPhone
The folks over at Sincerely have come up with a new app for the iPhone based on the Instagram API. In case you don’t know what Instagram is, it’s a photo-sharing service that allows users to easily upload their photos from their iPhones online to share with their friends and social networks online. It comes with a bunch of filters to turn things artsy as well. Postagram takes advantage of […]

Google announces connection bar for iPhone Gmail
iPhone users who access Gmail through the Safari browser are in for a treat – if you haven’t noticed already, Google has updated their Gmail interface with a useful new feature: the connection bar. Don’t you just hate it when you see your internet connection loading but you don’t know whether your mail is being sent or your inbox is being checked for mail? Well, the useful connection bar will […]

Windows Phone 7 Yahoo! Mail bug fixed
Awhile ago, it was reported that Yahoo! Mail was causing Windows Phone 7 devices to unnecessarily use data even when the phone was idle, leading to enormous data consumption from the device. Well it appears that the latest version of Yahoo! Mail has fixed this issue. It wasn’t mentioned what was changed, but according to reports, the latest version of the app doesn’t suffer from the data-eating issue anymore. Head […]

Google Voice makes calls directly from your emails
If you’re a Gmail as well as a Google Voice user, you’ll be glad to know that Google has implemented Google Voice into its Gmail services. If you receive an email with a phone number in the text, it will be turned into a link. You can simply give it a click and Google Voice’s dialpad will pop up, with the number already entered in for you. Just hit “Call” […]

AOL Mail is down
According to the latest reports from CNet, AOL Mail is suffering from some issues that prevent users from logging onto their accounts. When it first started, AOL pointed out that it was a scheduled maintenance that took longer than expected, and that only a handful of users would be affected – some wouldn’t be able to log in, while some people wouldn’t be able to see their newer messages. The […]

Verizon Mobile Mail 4.0 brings Exchange support to feature phones
If you thought you could run away from being hooked to your corporate email by purchasing a feature phone, you might want to think again. Verizon has announced an update to its email solution for feature phones – Mobile Email 4.0. The latest version allows users to connect their non-smartphone devices to Microsoft’s Exchange environment, offering you push email and an integrated contact list. The service will set you back […]

Facebook mail -- how to
After this morning’s announcement of Facebook Messages, there seems to be some confusion about how to get one’s email address on Here are a few pointers: First, the feature is going to roll out slowly, so don’t be surprised if you can’t find it yet If you want to get it ASAP, apply to be invited on the Facebook Messages page You need a Facebook user name (like […]