Yahoo!It looks like things aren’t looking too good over at Yahoo! – Yahoo! Mail is still down for some users today. After being reported as being down for a certain number of users yesterday, Yahoo! issued a statement saying that they are working hard to fix the issue. Well, today is day 2 and it looks like the situation hasn’t improved but more details have been revealed. Apparently, about 1 million out of Yahoo! Mail’s 250 million users have problems accessing their account. This is not a huge percentage of the service, so to say, but it is a large number of users nevertheless. While the bad news is they still don’t know when the service will be completely restored, but the good news is that no data was lost or at risk.

So for all you folks who are having trouble accessing your email on Yahoo! Mail, I guess you have no choice but to use an alternative email service for the time being – there’s no word on when everything will return to normal as of now, but we’ll keep you posted.

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