While malware has always been around, these days companies are doing more on their end to prevent their devices from getting infected, such as implementing their own security checks and so on. However sometimes malware can slip past, especially for those who aren’t quite as technically proficient and who might be fooled by fake links and websites.

However the good news is that Samsung and McAfee want to help. McAfee has announced that they are extending their partnership with Samsung in which the company’s security software will come preinstalled on Samsung devices. This includes the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung PCs, and also Samsung smart TVs.

According to John Giamatteo, executive vice president, consumer business group, McAfee, “Protecting every connected device in your home is absolutely essential today. That’s because if one device is attacked, it puts your entire home network at risk. While that level of protection might sound like a lot of effort, McAfee makes sure that it’s easy. We believe there is power in working with partners like Samsung to build world-class security into devices like smart TVs, PCs, and smartphones so that these devices are protected right out of the box.”

Note that this isn’t free antivirus software, but rather the software will be offered to users on a 60-day free trial, after which they’ll be given the option of continuing their trial via a special offer. We’ve seen how PC makers have bundled antivirus softwares in their products before so this isn’t exactly new, but like we said for the novice user, the bundled software and free trial should help keep them relatively safe right out of the box.

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