McAfee’s newly patented technology can not only detect but also block all pirated content. This technology will expand McAfee’s SiteAdvisor tool through which it will detect pirated material available on any website. Such content will be blocked and users will be given legal alternatives. For example if someone’s trying to download a movie’s pirated copy, they’d be given the option to purchase it instead, and won’t be allowed to download it. The system is quite advanced, it can be configured to only warn those who are accessing pirated content and offer purchase options or it can be configured to totally block access to pirated materials.

McAfee says that this technology will curb possible violation of intellectual property rights and would also save costs associated with settling lawsuits stemming from these violations. Furthermore the company believes this will curb threats by unauthorized distributors, as it is no secret that pirated content can often contain malicious materials. It is not known as of now when McAfee plans on rolling out this system, it is expected that the system will be added to their existing security products.

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