HTC logoWith the Google acquiring Motorola’s cellphone division, it’s not surprising that other Android handset makers may be a bit cautious over their future. Sure, for now it looks like operations as per usual, but what about the future? While there’s no indication that Google has plans to close off Android to other manufacturers, it still remains a possibility regardless how small it may seem, which is why it’s not surprising that HTC has announced their plans to buy a mobile OS to call their own.

According to HTC chairwoman, Cher Wang, she announced that HTC was considering buying a mobile OS but is apparently in no rush. While there was no mention as to which platform the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer was considering, some are speculating that the company, if they were to make a purchase, will most likely be going for either HP’s abandoned webOS or Intel’s MeeGo.

Given the fierce patent wars going on at the moment, some are saying that purchasing webOS will give HTC an edge, especially with the legacy of the platform which originated from Palm. No word on when this purchase will occur, if at all, but which platform do you think you could see HTC building up in the future?

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