The Meizu Forums (in Chinese) is buzzing because Jack Wong (Meizu’s CEO) said that the upcoming Meizu MX was going to use a quad-core system on a chip (SoC / processor) to power its user experience. We wonder which vendor is currently used in this “dream phone” as Meizu puts it.

Right now, FreeScale, Qualcomm and NVIDIA have announced quad-core chips, so could the Meizu MX be powered by NVIDIA’s Kal-El or i.FreeScale’s MX 6? Unfortunately, it’s just too early to tell as both NVIDIA and FreeScale are using ARM’s A9 core as a foundation and there isn’t anything about MX that could lead to a clear identification :(The Meizu MX was previously known as the Meizu M9II, and there have been rumors about it since for a long time . The phone is rumored to come with either 16GB or 32GB, and only the latter would get the quad-core treatment, while the 16GB will be powered by two cores. The phone has been confirmed to support HSPA+ (21Mbps), a customizable back cover and a “late September” release date.

Update: A previous version of this post mentioned that only NVIDIA had demonstrated a quad-core silicon. This was incorrect: Freescale has demonstrated its 4-core silicon at FTF, which I missed. My bad.

Meizu MX Specifications

1024×854 or 1200×900 touch display (rumor)
16GB (dual-core) or 32GB (quad-core) versions
HSPA+ 21Mbps
Customizable back cover
Tentative release date: “late September
Unofficial Price: $550 (no contract)

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