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Will T-Mobile soon be carrying the iPhone?
When the iPhone first came out, AT&T were the only carrier that offered the handsets, and thanks to an exclusive deal, they went on to be the only carrier sporting the device for the next couple of years. Verizon finally got in on the action with a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 this year, and there have been rumors that Sprint may be in the process of testing the […]

Verizon to adopt 4G micro SIMs?
Whispers on the ground had it that the Samsung Galaxy Tab over at T-Mobile would have a micro SIM stashed away inside, but that remained a rumor even until now. It seems that this rumor has found a new lease of life with Verizon’s LTE-capable Galaxy Tab 10.1 – at least, that is what the good people over at Android Central are sayingAndroid Central claims that they have managed to […]

Gevey SIM unlocks your precious iPhone 4
For those who cannot wait to install a software update and has decided to proceed on their iPhone 4 to make the jump to iOS 4.2.1 or above, you would most probably have realized that no unlocking software is currently available for the accompanying basebands. While everyone waits for the Dev-Team to roll out their very own house remedy, Gevey has decided to roll out a $70 imposter SIM that […]

T-Mobile USA Customers Being Shipped Micro SIMs, Possibly For Future iPhone?
We’ve had plenty of T-Mobile iPhone rumors going around recently, especially since T-Mobile decided to begin offering iPhone cables. Now some T-Mobile USA customers are noticing that they’ve been shipped Micro SIMs instead of the typical Mini SIMs, with one such card pictured above. The prominent devices that use the Micro SIM at the moment are Apple’s iPad and iPhone 4, though whispers are going around that the Micro SIMs […]


China Mobile rolls out microSIM card
China Mobile attempts to entice potential iPhone 4 owners in that part of the world over to their side with the introduction of their very own microSIM card. This ought to be interesting, as not only China Unicom subscribers will be able to make the jump to a different carrier, as well as folks who picked up their iPhones from the grey market. At the moment, the microSIM will be […]

Cut My SIM Lets You Easily Convert Your SIM Card Into A MicroSIM
Do you have an iPad 3G but want to use a SIM card from a carrier that doesn’t offer a MicroSIM? We’ve seen folks come up with their own DIY methods of chopping up their SIM cards to fit, and it does work, but there are many of us who are just bad with tools. The solution? Cut My SIM is more or less a glorified hole-puncher designed for SIM […]

T-Mobile SIM Crammed Into The iPad Allows Text Messaging
Now that Apple’s iPad 3G is available for sale, some folks have taken the time to get a T-Mobile SIM card working on the device. There’s nothing wrong with using another carrier’s SIM card on the iPad, but the iPad uses a microSIM size, so the user needs to cut the plastic around the T-Mobile SIM card in order to make it work. Once the SIM is in, it does […]

AT&T Readies Its Micro-SIM For The iPad 3G's Launch
With the iPad 3G set to ship to customers pretty soon pictures of the micro-SIM that AT&T will be issuing for the iPad have started to make rounds on the Internet. The interesting part is that the SIM card is more or less same as the full sized SIM, as the size of the chip is exactly the same, just that the plastic surround it has been reduced. The card […]

MicroSIM-Shop offers SIM card adapter
GSM phone users will be familiar with their mini-SIM card, while folks who use the iPad 3G as it is released in the near future will probably be taking a closer look at the micro-SIM form factor used within. Well, MicroSIM-Shop knows just how handle the situation by offering a small plastic adapter that comes in the shape and size of a standard SIM, where you get the middle hollowed […]