T-Mobile SIM Crammed Into The iPad Allows Text Messaging

Now that Apple’s iPad 3G is available for sale, some folks have taken the time to get a T-Mobile SIM card working on the device. There’s nothing wrong with using another carrier’s SIM card on the iPad, but the iPad uses a microSIM size, so the user needs to cut the plastic around the T-Mobile SIM card in order to make it work. Once the SIM is in, it does work, though the iPad 3G doesn’t support T-Mobile 3G’s band, so you’ll need to drop back to 2G network speeds. Another quirk is that a user also managed to get the iPad to send SMS text messages on T-Mobile’s network, something that AT&T doesn’t allow on the normal iPad plan. There isn’t a text messaging app for the iPad, but after jailbreaking the device, it can be done via the command line. Obviously you wouldn’t want to be sending text messages that way, but it’s nice to know that it can be done. Video after the break.

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