Cut My SIM Lets You Easily Convert Your SIM Card Into A MicroSIM

Do you have an iPad 3G but want to use a SIM card from a carrier that doesn’t offer a MicroSIM? We’ve seen folks come up with their own DIY methods of chopping up their SIM cards to fit, and it does work, but there are many of us who are just bad with tools. The solution? Cut My SIM is more or less a glorified hole-puncher designed for SIM cards, making the process of turning your SIM into a MicroSIM a simple job. The neat cut also means you can easily put it back together forming a regular SIM if you decide to reuse the SIM card. The company is currently taking preorders for $29/each and thehandmade device will begin to ship at the end of June. Would you dare put your SIM card into this puncher?

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