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Car Stereos’ Bluetooth Streaming Issues Attributed To Microsoft Band
The hot selling Microsoft Band certainly has its fair share of fans, so much so that it remains sold out ahead of the holiday season. Well, just because something is extremely popular does not mean that it does not have its fair share of flaws – that is not the case with the Microsoft Band, since it has been reported that this physical fitness tracking device still has some niggling […]

Microsoft Band Remains Sold Out Ahead Of Holiday Season
At the end of October, Microsoft made a surprising quiet announcement which unveiled the company’s first wearable – the Microsoft Band. The device, for those unfamiliar, is a fitness tracker that tracks the usual activities but also has the ability to measure the wearer’s heart rate. With it priced at $199, it proved to be a hit and sold out in a relatively short amount of time.Now the bad news […]

Microsoft Band Has No OS, Runs On Microsoft's Wearables Architecture
As far as wearable platforms are concerned, there are a few available at the moment. We have Tizen which Samsung uses in most of their “Gear” devices, then there’s Android Wear from Google, and with Apple, they have a special version of iOS that has been designed to run on wearables like the Apple Watch.So what about Microsoft? What operating system could the Microsoft Band be running on? Well interestingly […]

Gold's Gym Offers Fitness Plans, Free 2 Week Trial For Microsoft Band Users
It is safe to say that many of us make resolutions at the start of the year where we promise ourselves and each other that joining a gym and getting into shape would be one of the goals for the year. It is also safe to say that there are a good many people who after a few weeks eventually give up, or worse, have yet to even start.Well it […]


Microsoft Band Is Official, Priced At $199
It was just recently that thanks to a leak across multiple app stores that the Microsoft Band wearable device was leaked. Well it looks like Microsoft has since not wasted anymore time and has made the Microsoft Band official. The device looks just like the photos and based on its design, reminds us a bit of the Samung Gear Fit with its rectangular horizontal display.While this is a wearable device […]

Pay For Your Starbucks Coffee With Microsoft Band
So, we did talk about how Microsoft Band leaked across multiple app stores earlier today, while detailing the Microsoft Health app that will work with Microsoft Band (obviously) along with other third party hardware, but is that all that Microsoft Band is capable of? Not really, as it seems that coffee lovers, especially those who happen to hang out at Starbucks frequently, will appreciate the fact that one is able […]

Microsoft Band Wearable Device Leaked Across Multiple App Stores
According to a report last week, we had heard that Microsoft could be launching a new wearable device in the coming weeks. In fact a recent FCC sighting had suggested that the device could be close to being announced. Well it looks like the device has been made official, sort of. It seems that Microsoft might have inadvertently revealed the device via the Mac App Store of all places.The screenshots […]