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Microsoft To End Band Wearable Support On May 31st
It has been a while since Microsoft stopped selling its Band fitness wearable and decided that it would no longer release any new versions. That decision was made over two years ago and the company has now decided to end support for the Band wearable completely. It has confirmed that the Band will no longer be supported after May 31st.

Microsoft Band No Longer Listed In Its Online Store
Several weeks ago, it was rumored that Microsoft could be discontinuing their Band series of fitness trackers. It looks like the rumors have partially come true because as noticed by ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft’s online store is no longer listing the Microsoft Band anymore, and has also removed all references made to it.

Microsoft Band Series Of Fitness Wearables Could Be Discontinued
The original Microsoft Band was an unexpected surprise from Microsoft, and it also proved to be rather popular. Then last year we were treated to the Microsoft Band 2, and now that we’re in 2016, does this mean we can expect to see the Microsoft Band 3? According to a report from ZDNet, apparently not.

Microsoft Band 2 Update Adds Weight Tracking Capabilities
Fitness bands are great if you’re trying to get in shape or better understand your body. They can track your calories, steps, distance, some even track your heart rate, sleep cycles and more. Now if you’re the proud owner of the Microsoft Band 2, you will be interested to learn that Microsoft has recently issued an update for the device with new features.


Microsoft Band Gets Several New Features Today
Microsoft today announced that several new features are coming to its wearable activity tracker today, fans have been asking the company for some of these features, and it has finally listened to them. Microsoft Band gets all-new music controls today aside from activity reminders as well as an improved and enhanced Exercise Tile.

The New Microsoft Band Is Now Available For Purchase
Earlier this month Microsoft announced the new Microsoft Band. Given that the previous iteration of the Microsoft Band proved to be quite a hit, the successor to it was highly anticipated as it was supposed to introduce new features and improvements that some users felt were missing from the original.That being said, if you do like what you see, you might be pleased to learn that the new Microsoft Band […]

Original Microsoft Band Gets Price Cut
It was only a year ago when Microsoft launched its first fitness tracker, called the Band, the wearable device proved to be quite a hit among consumers. Naturally there was a lot of anticipation concerning the second-generation Band which the company recently unveiled, and now that the new one is out the time is right to offer a price cut for the original Band. Not only will this enable the budget […]

The New Microsoft Band Gets Improved Design And Cortana
At its event today where it unveiled the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL as well as the Surface Pro 4 tablet Microsoft also unveiled an updated version of its activity tracker. Like the last one the new activity tracker is also called Microsoft Band, however there’s a fundamental difference, the new Microsoft Band has received design updates and it honestly looks much better than its predecessor.

Microsoft Band 2 Renders Leaked
It was first reported a couple of months back that Microsoft has started developing the second-generation Microsoft Band. The company’s wearable device turned out to be quite successful so there are many people out there waiting to see what it’s able to achieve with the new one. It’s expected to show off the new Band at its event next month, today purported renders of the Microsoft Band 2 have leaked online.

Microsoft Band Is $50 Off For A Limited Time
Microsoft appears to be in quite a generous mood this week because it’s cutting prices on some of its most popular products, just yesterday the company discounted the Surface Pro 3 tablet by $200. If you’ve been on the fence about picking up a Microsoft Band then you might want to get an order in today because the company has shaved $50 off its regular price for a limited time.

Microsoft Band Manufacturing Has Reportedly Been Stopped
Not too long ago Microsoft confirmed that development on the next-generation Band wearable fitness tracker has begun, according to a new report the company is halting production of the original Band to focus on the successor’s development and release. Many of you would remember that the Microsoft Band proved to be a hit for the company, selling out almost instantly after it was first released with strong demand continuing months after that.

Microsoft Working On Second-Gen Band
About nine months back Microsoft also made an entry into the consumer wearable device market with a product simply called the Microsoft Band. It’s not a smartwatch per se, rather it’s more of a fitness band that focuses exclusively on health and fitness related data tracking but is capable of doing notifications as well, and can also display the time. Since then the company has added new features to the device […]

Reviewer: Microsoft Band Heart Rate Monitor Is Rather Accurate
The Microsoft Band is definitely a piece of wearable technology that is worth your while in checking out – since it does more than just offer you the time, but will also be able to keep track of your heart rate too, now how about that? Fitness buffs would definitely love such an idea, but just how accurate is such a device? MIT Technology Review claimed that testing out the […]

Microsoft & TaylorMade Wants To Up Your Golf Game
Late last year Microsoft surprised us all when they announced the Microsoft Band, a simplistic fitness tracker that came with a heart rate sensor. Its $199 price tag made it a relatively affordable purchase which resulted in it being extremely popular to the point where it was unavailable for a brief period of time due to a lack of stock.That being said if you’re the owner of a Microsoft Band, […]

Microsoft Band Will Soon Support Third-Party Apps
The Microsoft Band is a fitness tracker from Microsoft that despite its somewhat quiet launch, proved to be a pretty hot device, so much so that many customers were having a hard time trying to get ahold of it. However if there was one limitation to the device, it is that unlike Android Wear and the Apple Watch, third-party app support was minimal at best.The good news is that if […]

Microsoft Band Available From Amazon, Launches In UK Next Month
In October last year Microsoft launched a wearable device called the Microsoft Band. The device quickly became popular so much so that Microsoft had difficulty plugging the demand and supply gap. It has been working hard to ensure that interested customers can pick one up. Starting today the Microsoft Band will be available for purchase from Amazon. The company also confirmed that the Band will be available in the United […]

Microsoft Band To Make Its Way To 765 Best Buy Stores
The Microsoft Band is Microsoft’s attempt at creating a wearable and perhaps to everyone’s surprise, including Microsoft, it proved to be a pretty big hit amongst customers to the point where it seemed like Microsoft did not anticipate the level of demand which saw the fitness band sold out during the holiday season.Now the good news is that if you were looking to get your hands on the device, you […]

Microsoft Band Update Adds Bike Tile, Virtual Keyboard And More
Microsoft Band is receiving a major software update today, its first ever since the device was launched in October last year, the update brings several new features like a bike tile, a virtual keyboard, new guided workouts and a lot more. Microsoft’s wearable device has been hard to get since there’s great demand for it, those who were fortunate enough to get one will now enjoy the features that this […]

Microsoft Band Availability Point To Early 2015 Timeline
One thing is for sure concerning the Microsoft Band – there has been way more demand compared to the availability of the hardware itself, and this does come across as surprising, taking into consideration how low key, relatively speaking, the piece of wearable technology was before it was introduced. In fact, the Microsoft Band has proved itself to be so popular, so much so that it has been sold out […]

Microsoft Band Stock Replenished In Microsoft's Brick And Mortar Stores
There is still a few more weeks to go until Christmas and if you were thinking about getting your hands on the Microsoft Band either for yourself or for someone else, you will be pleased to learn that Microsoft has recently announced via Twitter that they have more units in stock of the Microsoft Band at their retail stores in the US.It seems that the replenishment of stock is only […]