Microsoft-Band_Hero_2-640x463The hot selling Microsoft Band certainly has its fair share of fans, so much so that it remains sold out ahead of the holiday season. Well, just because something is extremely popular does not mean that it does not have its fair share of flaws – that is not the case with the Microsoft Band, since it has been reported that this physical fitness tracking device still has some niggling issues to iron out, where in addition to manufacturing and distribution segments, there are some bugs to squash as well. Case in point, Bluetooth audio streaming in vehicles.


It is said that an issue arises whenever iOS, Windows Phone and presumably Android users stream music in the vehicle as the smartphone remains paired to the Band simultaneously. It might be fine and dandy at the beginning, but after some time, music playback will get all wonky as it begins to stutter, skip, and snap. Those who reported of this issue normally claim that the problem is capable of fixing itself after half a minute, but that is just too long for those who love to listen to their music interruption-free. After all, this should not even happen in the first place!

It is hoped that Microsoft will be able to find a solution to this matter in the near future, otherwise it might just kill off the momentum that the Microsoft Band has among the masses.

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